Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Direct. III. OfSanE1 f cation. ós and he gave that Spirit then to the church, i Pet. i. x t. and iii 18, t 9. Now, this fpirit was able and effecual to unite thefe faints to that fl4h which Chrift was to take to himfelf in the fulnefs of time, becaufe he was the fame in both, and to give out to them that grace withwhich Chrift wouldafterwards fill his flefh, for their falvation, as well as ours. Therefore David accounteth Chrift's flefh to be his, and fpake of Chrift's death and refurrec`fion as his own, before hand, as well as any of us can do, fince their accomplifhment, Pfalm Kvi. 9, to, r I. 46 My flefh alfo fhall reif in hope ; for thou wilt not leave my foul in. hell ; neither wilt thou fuller r' thine holy one to fee corruption - Thou wilt " fhewme the path of life." Yea, and faints before David's time, "did all eat of the fame fpiritual meat, " and drink of the fame fpiritual drink," even of the fame Chrift, as we do; and therefore were par- takers of the fame privilege of union and fellowfhip with Chrift, i Cor. x. 3, 4. And when Chrift was snanifefted in the flefh, in the fulnefs of time, all things inheaven and on earth, all the faints departed, mvhofe fpirits were then made perfect in heaven, as Well as thefe faints that then were, or fhould after- wards be on earth, were "gathered together inone," and comprehended in Chrift as their head, Lph. i. #o. And he was " the chief corner-ffone, in whom 46 the building of the whole church upon the faun- 44 dation of the prophets" before, and the apolfles after his coming, "being fitly framed together, grow- 41 eth unto an holy tetnl le in the Lord, Eph. ii. 2a3, " 21. jefus Chrift is the fame yefterday, and to- '" day, and for ever," Heb. xiii. a. His incarnation, death and refurrec`tion, were the caufe of all the ho- linefs that ever was, or (hall be given to man, from the fall of Adam, to the endof the world; and that by the mighty power of his Spirit, whereby all faints that ever were, or than be, are joined together,