Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

66 The Gofpel.Myffcrq Direa. IV. to be members of that one myffical body whereof he is the head. DIRECTION IV. The Means or Inflrurnents whereby the Spirit of God accompli/heth our Union with Chryl, and our Fellowfhip with him in all Holinef, are, the Gfeel, whereby Chrfl entereth into our Hearts to Work Faith in us ; and Faith whereby we actually receive Chryl hinzfe f, with all his Ful- nefs, into tur Hearts. And this Faith is a Grace of the Spirit, whereby we heartily be- lieve the Gofpel, and alfo believe on Chr, as he is revealed andfreelypromfed to us therein, for all hisfalvation. EXPLICATION. DATwhich I afrerted, in the foregoing direc- tion, concerning the neceifity of our being in Chrâft, and having Chrift in us, by a myftical union, to enable us for an holy practice, might put us to a stand in our endeavours for holinefs ; becaufe we cannot imagine how we fhould be able to raife our- felves above our natural fphere, to this glorious uni- on and fellowfhip, until God be pleated to make known to us, by fupernatural revelation, the means whereby his Spirit maketh us partakers of fo high a privilege. But God is pleafed to help us, when at a Rand, to go on forward,by revealing two means or infiruments whereby his Spirit accomplifheth the myftical union and fello:vfhip between Chrift and us, and whereby rational creatures are capable ofattain- ing thereunto, by his Spirit working in them. One of thefe means is the gofpel of the grace of God, wherein God loth make known to us the un-