Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

,1! 3 P R E F A C E . READER, MR. WALTER MARSHALL, compofer of thefe Di- re5tions, how to attain to that practice and manner of life, which we call holinefs, righteoufnefs or godlinefs, was educated in New College of Oxford, and was a fellow of the Paid college; and afterwards he was chofen a fellow of the college of Winchefler ; but was put under the Bartholomew Bufhel, with near two thoufind more lights (a fin not yet repent- ed of) whofe illuminations made the land a Gofhen. He was efieemed a Prefbyterian ; and was called to be pallor to a people at Gofport in Hampfhire, where he fhined, though he had not the public oil. The fubllance of thefe meditations was there fpun out of his own experiences ; he having been much exercifed with troubled thoughts, and that for many years, and had, by many mortifÿing methods, fought peace of confcience ; but, notwithftan_ding all, his troubles flill increafed. Whereupon he co.nfulted others, particu- larly Mr Baxter, whofe writings he had been much converfant with ; who thereupon told Mr. Maríhall, he took them too legally. He afterwards confûlted an eminent divine,, Dr. T. G. giving .him an account of the 'late of his foul, and particularizing his fins, which lay heavy on his cónfcience ; who, in his reply, told him, he had forgot to mention the greatefl fin of all, the fin of unbelief, in not believing on the Lord jefus for the remiffion of his fins, and fancltifying his nature. Hereupon he let himfelf to the fludying and preaching Chrift, and attained to eminent holinefs, great peace of confcience, and joy in the.I Ioly Ghoft, A2