Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

iv PREFACE. Mr. Marfhail's dying words were thefe, " The wages " of fin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life a' through Jefus Chrift our Lord ;" having but juf , "before faid to thole about him, " That he now died " in the full perfuafron of the truth, and in the corn- " fort of that doarine which he had preached." The fum whereof is contained in the enfuing difcourfe. Sorñe time fnce, he'was tranflated by death, Elijah. like, dropping thefe fheets as his mantle for fitcceeding Elifhas to go forth with, for the converfion of 'inners, and comfort of drooping fouls. Thefe papers are the profound experiences of a flu. bons holy foul, learned óf: the Father, coming from his very heart ; and finell of no partyor defign, but for holinefs and happinefs. Yet it is to be feared, they will fcarcely go down with the heady nationalif}.s of this age, who are of the tribe of Reuben, wavering with every wind of modifh doEtrine ; but in Judah they will be praifed. And we hope that many Shrubs and cedars may hereby advance in knowledge and comfort. But, not to detain you longer, read over all thefe di.' reaions, that you may fully underff.and the author, or read none. If you do it with the ferions humble fpirit in which they were wrote, it may be hoped, (the mat. ter being fn weighty, and from fo able an hand) thro' the grace of God, they will fink into thy confcience, and make thee a foiid Chriftian, full óf faith, holinefs and confolation. JULY 21. 1692. N. N.. HE author of thefe direFtions was well known to me, and was with me in my houfe a month to- gether, above twenty years part ; and .I efleem him a perfon deferving the character which this preface giv- eth him. JULY, 21. 1691. T. WoA.7 co c t<,,