Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

68 The Cmfpel-My/fery. Direa. as a teftifier. And though a mere afí'ent toa teftimo. ny were fufrrcient faith for knowledge of things, which the phifofophers aimed at ; yet we are to con- fider, that the defign of faving faith, is not only to know the truth of Chrift and his falvation, teftified and promifed in the gofpel, but alfo to apprehend and receive Chrift and his falvation, as given' by and with the promife. Therefore, faving faith muff neceliarily contain two ans, believing the truth of the gofpel, and believing on Chrift, as promifed free- ly to us in the gofpel, for all falvation. By the one, it receiveth the means wherein Chrift is conveyed to us ; by the other, it receiveth Chrift himfelf, and falvation in the means : as it is one an to re- ceive the breaft or cup wherein milk or wine are conveyed, and another an, to fuck the milk in the breaft, and to drink the wine in the cup. And both thefe ans muff be performed heartily, with"an un- feigned love to the truth, and a delire of Chrift and his falvation above all things' This is our fpiritual appetite,'which is necefary for our eating and drink- ing Chrift,"the food of life, as á natural appetite is for bodily nourifhment.' Our aßénting unto, or be- lieving the gofpel; muff nbt be forced by mere 'con: viEtion 'of the truth, fuch as wicked men and devils may be brought"to, when they had rather itwers falle; neither muff our believing in Chrift be only conftrained for fear of damnation, withoutany hear- ty love and clefire `towards the enjoyment of him ; but we muff receive the love. of the truth, by reli{li* ing the goodnefs and excellency of it; andwe mutt " - account all things lofs for the 'excellency of the " knowledge of Chrift 'jells our Lord, and count " them but dung, that we may win Chrift, and be " found in him," 2 Theft.' ii: io. Phil. iii. 8, 9; Efleerning Chrift to be all' our falvation and happi- nefs, Col. iii. j i. "inwhom all fulnefs doth dwell," Col. i. 19, And this love mull be to every part of Chrift's falvation ; to holineïs, as well as forgivenfs