Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Direa. IV. Of f SanE1 fcation. ó of fins. We mull delire earneftly, that God would create in us a clean heart and right fpirit, as well as hide his face from our fins, Pfal. li. 9, io. not like many, that care for nothing in Chrift but only deliverance from hell. " Blefed are they that bun- " ger and thirft after righteoufnefs; for they than " be filled," Matth. v. O. The former of thefe a&s doth immediately unite us to Chriff, becaufe it is terminated only on-the means of conveyance, the gofpel : yet it is a fávingna, if it be rightly perform- ed, becaufe it inclineth and dìfpofeth the foul to thst latter aEt, whereby Chrift himfelf is immediately re- ceived into the heart. He that believeth the gofpel 'with hearty love and liking, as the molt excellenr truth, will certainly with the like heartinefs believe on Chrift for his falvation. " They that know the 6' name of the Lord, will certainly put their truft in á' him," Pfal. ix. io. Therefore, in Scripture, fav- ing faith is fometimes defcribed by the former of thefe'aas; as if it were a niere believingthe gofpel; fometimes by the latter, as a believing on Chrift, or in Chrift, Rom. x. 9. "If thou believe in thine heart, 4' that God railed him from the dead, thou fhalt be faved 'ver.` t á. The Scripture faith, that whofoever $ believethonhim, (hall not be afhamed. , John v. t. Whofoever believeth that jefus is the Chrift, is C' born o;'' God.' Verfe 13. Thefe things have I 1' written unto you that believe on the name of the 64 Sonof God, that ye may know that ye have eter- t, nal life and that ye may believe on the name of xd the Son of`God." For thebetter underftandingof thenature offaith, let it be further obferved, that the fecond and prin. tipa! a t of it, believingon Chrift, includeth, believ- ing on God the Father, Sob, and Holy Ghott ; be caufe they are one and the fame infinite God, and they all concur in our falvation by Chrift, as the on- ly Mediator between God and us, "inwhom all the ' promifes of God are yea and amen, z Cor. i. 20.