Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Direa IV. Of Sane f cation. 75 come into the foul, to take poíefl'ion of it as his own habitation. Fifthly, True faving faith, fuch as I have defcrib- ed, hath in its nature, and manner of operation, a peculiar aptitude or fit-nefs to receive Chrift and his falvation, and to unite our fouls into him ; and to furniíh the foul with a new holy nature, and to bring forth an holy praaice by union and fellowfhip with him. God hath fitted natural infruments for their office, as the hands, feet, 6.c. fo that we may know, by their nature and natural manner of operation, for what ufe they are defigned. In like manner we may know, that faith is an inftrument formed on purpofe for our union withChrift,and fanaification, if we confider what a peculiar firnefs it hath for the work. The difcovery of this is of great ufe for the underftanding of the myílerious manner of our re- ceiving and practifing all holinefs by union and fee lowíhip with Chrift, by this precious grace of faith. And, to make you, as it were, to fee with your eyes, that it is fuch an inftrument as I have alferted, I than p-relent it to your view in three particulars. zf1, The grace of faith is as well fitted for the foul's receiving Chrift and union with him, as any inftrument of the body is for receiving and clofing with things needful for it. By the very at ofhearty trufting or believing on Chrift for all falvation and happinefs, the foul cafteth and p-.utteth away front itfelf, every thing that keepeth it at a diftance from Chrift; as all confidence in our ftrength, endeavours, works, privileges; or in any worldly pleafures, pro- fits, honours; or in any human helps and fuccours for our happinefs and falvation: becaufe fuch confi- dences are inconl(tent with our confidence in Chrift for all falvation. Paul, by his confidence in Chrift, was taken off from all confidence in the flefh; he fuffered the lofs of glorying in his privileges and legal righteoufnefs, and counted all other enjoy- ments in matters of the world or of religion, to be 2