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76 The Cefpel- vfiery Direr IV. but 44 dung, that he might win Chrift, and be found " in him," Phil. iii 3, 6, 7, 8, 9. The voice of faith is, " Afhur,fhall not fave us, we will not ride tt upon horfes, neither will we fay any more to the " work of our hands, Ye are our gods; for in thee " the fatherlefs findeth mercy, Hofea xiv 3. We " have no might againft this great companyof our " fpiritual enemies; neither know we what to do: "" but our eyes are upon thee," 2 Chron. xx 12. I might multiply places of Scripture to Phew what a feif"emptying grace faith is, and how it cafteth o- ther confidences out of the foul, by getting above them to Chrift, as the only happinefs and falvation,_ The fame as of trufting or believing on (hriIl, or on God, is the verymanner of our fouls coming to Chrift, John 'vi. 35.' " drawing near to the Lord, " Pfalm lxxiii 28. fleeing unto the Lord to hide us, " Pfalm cxliii. 9. making our refuge in the fhadosv " of his wings, Pfalm lvii. ;. flaying ourfelves and our minds upon the Lord, Ifaiah I. to. and xxvi. 3. a' laying hold on eternal life, 3 Tim. vi z a.` lifting s' up our fouls to the Lord, Pfalm xxv. t. rolling s' our way, and carting our burden upon the Lord," Pfalm xxxviì. 5. and lv. 22. and of our eating and drinking Chrift, as bath already appeared. Let in; confider, that Chrift and his falvatiori cannot be feen, or handled, or attained to, by any bodily motion but are revealed and promifed to us` in the 'word. Now, let any invent, if they can, any way for the foul to exercife any motion or aaivenefs in receiving of this unfeen promifed falvation, betides believing the word, and trufting on Chrift for the benefit proa tnifed. If Chrift 1 ere to be earned by works, or any other kind of conditional faith ; yet "a faith'muft be inftrumental to receive him. Some think Iove as fit to be the uniting grace; but I have (hewed, that love to Chrift's falvation is an ingredient unto faith And though love be an appetite unto union, yet we have no other likely way to fill this appetite, while we A