Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

E Recommendatory Preface, Prefixed to the EDITION Printed at ED1 NBu aoI , Anno 17337 T HIS excellent treatife of Mr. MARSHALL'! :ho° it be well known among the godly in ÿ.,yr,, .rid, where it has undergone a twofold edition ;, yc't, t.ïs e being the fir time of its publication in Scotland, where'it is but known to a few, we could not refuse at the defire of thofe concerned in the publication of it among us, to declare, that, as we have perm. the book ourfelves with great edification and-pleafure, fo we know it bath had the high approbation and tefti- mony of many eminent for grace and hr,ii -:efs : and judge the publication of it at this time of day feafonahle among us, for promoting practical religion an..i goc.1i- nefs, and for giving a jolt viewof the vafi. (ids there is betwixt heatbenifh morality, adorned with .,e fneft flourifhes of human rhetoric,. and true gofpel i refs, Without which no man (hall fee the Lord. -s ,:' ' :his our teftimony we judged to be well fupported ny- :1e words of that great and evangelic perfon Mr. 10bert Trail, late Minifter of the gofpel in the city of L_on- don, in his poftfcript to a pamphlet, intitled, A vin- dication of the Protefant doi?rine concerning jaflifrcaticn, and ofits preachers andprofirs, tonz the ofjufI charge el' 4ntinonzianifnz. " I think (fays he) that Dr. Owen's 66 excellent book of Juftification, and Mr. MarfhalI's 4' book of the Myftery of Sanaification by faith in F' Jefus Chrift, are filch vjndicatons and confïrma- Yc dons of the Proteftant doctrine, against which st fear no eff'eaual oppafition.. - --ter. Marfhail was 6G a holy and retired perfon, and is onlyknown to the F6 zzaofk of its by his book lately publifhed. The book