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DireE. V. OfSantfficati®n. 85k if it be a blind confcience, it hardeneth us the more in our fins. A third property, is, an evil inclination, tending only to fin ; which therefore is called " fin " that dwwlleth in us, and the law of fin in our 44 members," that powerfully fubdueth and capti- vateth us to the fervice of fin, Rom. vii. 2o, 23. It is a fixed propenfty to luit againtt the law without any deliberation ; and therefore its luftings are not to be prevented by ary diligence' or watchfulnefs. " The mind of the flefh is enmity againft God ; for " it is not fubje4`f to the law of. God, .neither in- á' deed can be," Rom. viii. 7. How vain then is it to plead, that they can do good, if they will, when their minds and will itfelf is enflaved to fin ? A fourth property, is, fubjeetion to the power of the devil, who is the god of this world, that bath blind- ed the minds of all that believe not, 2 Cor. iv 4: and will certainly conquer all whom he fighteth with upon his own dunghill that is, in a natural Rate. And, from all thefe properties, we may well con- elude, that our natural Rate bath the property never to be good, to be ftark dead in fin, Eph. ii. t: accord-, ing to the fentence denounced againft the firft fin of Mankind in Adám, " In the day that thou eateft á' thereof, thou ihalt furely die," Gen. ii. 17. For you can no more bring it to holinefs, by any the moft vehement motives and endeavours, than yoti can bring a dead carcafe to life, by chaffing and rub. 'wing it. You can fir up no ftrength or fortiffieg grace in the natural than by fuck motives and en- deavours; becaúfe there is no ftrength in him to he ítirred up, Rom. v. 6. Tho' you do all that lieth in you to the utrnof?, `while you ate in this flefh, .you can do nothing but fin ; for there is no good thing in you ; as the Apoftle Paul fheweth by his own ex- perience, " I know that in me (that is, in my flefli) dwelleth no good thing," Rom, vii. i t3. Sixthly, We have no good ground to truft on Chriits to help us to will or to do that Which is anti