Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

f The GoNI-M}fleil. T3ireet. V. ry Rates, containing in them, not only fin and boll.. nefs, but all other things that di rpofe and incline us to the praffice of them ; and that the old man mull be put off, as crucified with Chrift, before we can be freed from theprar`fice of fin, Rom. vi. 6, 7. And therefore we cannot Iead a new life, until we have fzift gotten a new Rate by faith in Chrift. Let me add here, that the meaning of the Apöft'e is the fame, Rom". xiii. 12, ¡ 3, 14, where he d recleth us to put on the Lord j fus Clirif., as the means where. by we may cast off the deeds of darknefs, and walls boneffly, as in the day time: not fulfilling the luffs of the 8äf t; Fifthly, Our natural Rate bath feveral properties that wholly difable us for the praelice of holinefs, and enflave us to the prac`lice of fin, while we cóne tinue in it. Here I {hall fhew, that the old man, the flefh, or natural (fate, is not only fin, as forne would have it but it containeth in it feveral things, which I (hall name, that maketh it to be finful, befides fe veral other things that make it miferable. I have {hewed, that in Chrift we have all endowments ne. cefhary to frame us for godlinefs ; fo, in our flefhly flee, we have all things contrary to that holy frame. One thingbelonging to our natural {fate, is, theguilt of fin, even of Adam's firft fin, and of the finful deó pravation of our nature, and of all out own aelual tranfgreffions ; and therefore we are by nature the children of wrath, Eph. ii. 3. and under the curfe of God. The benefit of remiffion of our fins, and freedom from condemnation, is not given to us in the fleth, or in a natural Bate, but only in Chrift, Ro. viii. i. Eph. i. 7. And can we imagine, that a man Ihould be able to prevail again(( fin, while God is again(( him, and curfeth him ? Another property) infeparable from the former, is, an evil confcience, which denounceth the wrath of God againff us for fin, and inclineth us to abhor him, as our enemy) rather than to love him, as hath been (hewed d or,