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fired V. Of SàrzEl cati,n. 93 not perform thofe duties by their natural ftrtngthi yet the gofpel is made effectual for their converfion and falvation, by the power of the Holy Gholt, which accompanieth the preaching of it, to quicken thofe that are dead in tin, and to create them anew in Chrift, by giving to them repentance unto life, and a lively faith in Chrift. The gofpel cometh to the eleEt of God, not only in word, but alto m pow> er, and in the Holy Ghoft, and in fuch aífurance, that they receive it with joy of the Holy Ghost, x Their i. §, 6. " £he gofpel is the miniftration of '" the Spirit, that giveth lite," 2 Cor. iii. 6, --8. It is mighty through God," 2 Cor. x.. 4 it depended' not at all upon the power of our free- will, to make it fuccefsful for our converfion; but it conveyeth into the foul that life and power whereby we receive and obey it.- Christ can make thofe that are dead in fin to hear his voice, and live, John v 25. Therefore he can fpeak to them by his gofpel, and command them to repent and believe with good fuccefs, as well as he could fay to dead carcafes, T'alitha curi, Mark .v. 4 i. " Lazarus, come forth, "" John xi. 43, 44. and to the tick of the palfy, g' Arife, take up thy bed, and go into thine houfe," XYlatth. ix. 6. Ninthly, There is no reafon that the examples of Heathen philofophers, or any Jews or Chriftians by outward profeírion, that have lived without the Paving knowledge of God in Chrift, should move us, by their wife fayings and renowned attainments, in the pra6tice of devotion and morality, to recede from this truth, that hash been fo fully confirmed out of the holy Scriptures. Have we not caufe to judge, that the Apoftle Paul, while, he was a zea- lous Pharifee, and at leaft forre few of the great multitude of the Jews in his time that were zea- lous of the law, and had the infraTtions of the holy Scriptures, attained as near to that true holi- tiefs, as the Heathen philofophers, or any others