Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

94 The Gofpel.Mvfiery Dire( V in their natural Rate ? Yet Paul, after he was en- lightened with the faving knowledge of Chrift, judged himflf the chief of (inners, in his higheif former attainments ; though, in the judgement of others, he was blamelefs touching the rghteoufnefs which is in the law; and he found it neceffary to begin to live to God in a newway by faith in Chrift, and to fuller the lofs of all his former attainments, and to count them but dung, that he might win Chrift, 1 Tim. i. 1s Phil. iii. 6, 7, 8. And none of the great multitude ofJews that followed after the law of righteoufnefs, did ever at- tain unto it, while they fought it not by faith in Chrift, Rom. ix. 31, 32. What performances are greater in outward appearance,, than for a man to give all his goods to the poor, and to give his body to be burnt ? and yet the .`scripture alloweth us to fuppofe that this may be done without true charity, and therefore without any true holinefs of the heart and life, 1 Cor xiii 3 Men in a natural Rate may have ftrong conviefion of the infinite power, wif- dom, juftice, and goodnefs of God, and of the judge. ruent to come, and the everlafting happinefs of the godly, afrd torments of the wicked : and thefe con- viaions may fir them up, not only to make an high profetlion, and to utter rare fayings concerning God and godlinefs ; but alfa to labour with great ear- refnefs to-avoid all known fin, to fubdue their lofts, to perform univerfal obedience to God in all known duties, and to ferve him with their lives and eftates to the utmoft, and to extort out of their hearts fome kind of love to God and godlinefs, that, if pofliible,, they may efcape the terrible torments of hell, and procure everlatfing happinefs by their endeavours yet all their love to God is but forced and feigned ; they have no hearty liking to God or his fervice; they account him an hard mailer, and his command- ments grievous, and they repine and .fret inwardly at the burden of them; and, were it not for fear of