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Sri To the READER. themUnderáanding,holy,humble Mr. Murcot,and this Author,the elearnefs and weightinefs ofwhofe Preaching fame ofyou have apre- cious Remembrance of,mufl allofthem be accountedforunto Godone Day,byyou thatfat under their Miniflry. Dr. Winter thought the Joyand Glory of Saints in Heaven receive forteAddition there,as their Works while they were on Earthdo bring.forth Fruit here be- low, grounding this his5udgínent onJer. 32. i9. and the like Scrip- tures 5 fee his Epiftle before Mr. Murcot's Sermons. And there are that think, godly Miniflers (hall at the DayofChrifi have the prefenting unto Him, thofe that have been Converted and favingy wrought upon by their Miniflry. The Apoflle Paul f ems to have an Experlation,that he fhould prefent theCorinthians unto Chrift as a chart Virgin efpoufèd unto theLord byhim, 2 Cor. i i. 2. andhe look'don theTheffalonians as his Joyand Crownofglorying be- fore Godnot only inthis World, x Theff.3. 9. but alfo hereafter in thePrefence of our Lord Jefus Chrift at his coming, i Theff 2. 9, z Ifthegal ionateRemembranceofyour former Teachers,whichHill lives inyour Hearts, and ought fo to do, fhallfliryou up to make a fruitfulImprovement offuch Monuments oftheir Labòurs as areyet with you, whatever Advantage fball accrue to them who are now a- bove a th.anklefs World and cloudy Sky, certainlyyou willbe gainers unfpeakably. Thofe Exhortations of the Apoftle dofpeakuntoyou. Remember thofe that have had the Rule over you, and have fpoken to you theWordofGod, whofe Faith follow, confider- ing the end of their Converfation; Jefus Chrift is the fame yefterday, to day and for ever : He will be thefame to you that he bath been to them. You havenot yet refitted unto Blood ; but howfoonyoumay be calledforth unto it, is with himin whofeHand are all our Times. The Churches of the Hebrev .s in Judxa had flood, when the Apofile fowrote to them, much about the fame time that you have been in the Fellowfhip andOrder ofthe Gofpel. And as they then mightanddidfee a Day ofNational Calamity approach- ing, Heb. io. 25. fomayyou difeern black and threatningProgno- flicks. Wherefore forfake not the affembling of your felves to- gether as the manner of fome is,but Exhort and Incourage one another to it,and that fo much the more as you fee the Day ap- jproaching