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To the READE R. Meth it, i Pet. 3. 2 I. Nor needs any one flumble at our Author s iffïng it infomewhat a different Signification; for Wage is the Mailer andRule ofLanguage g Loquendum cum vulgo, fentiendum cmxi Dods. But,it is not for thefake offtch Paffages that thefe Difcourfes are Published : But at the infant delres ofmany, and for the fake of that Gofpel-light which Jhines throughout the whole, and which is therein call upon fo great apart of Holy Scripture, which was writ- ten not for their Zife only who had the worldlySanauary, and were, to obfervé thole carnal Ordinances ; but for ours alfo, who live in thofe better tinges of the NewTeflarent. And tho' every thing be not fo clearly and convincingly made out as fome perhaps will defre ; yet that the Worhisfangularly ufeful will be manifefl ofitfelf: Nor is any humane Writing without its Defeas; and thofe which come out after the Author's Deaths,and were not by their own handsfinifhedfor the Prefs (which is theCafe of this) mull haveAllowance beyond others. Befides,that this is a Subject which None,or almofl none hath waded through before him. How he was indowed for it, andwhat he had attained in it, isnot for fo obfcure and incompetent a Pen as writes this, to fay. Ifthis Workfind inceuraging Acceptance, other of his Labours may poffibly be Publifhed hereafter. For betides This, and thofe three otherfmall Zraas,viz.his Defenceofthe Proteftant Re- ligion againfl the impotent Affaults of a Popifh Prießl,his Irenicum, or Effay for Union among the reforming Parties in thefe Nations andhis Two Sermons against the Ceremonies, 011 2 King.'8.4. which are already Printed; there are fome other Works ofhis,not un- fit to fee the Publick Light. As toyouwho were fometime his Charge,andufed to fit under his Minifiry, this Providencefhould be looked on by you, as that which addsgreatly unto your Account. Ifyou be notjudiciousand eflablifh- ed Chriflians, if you be not living thriving Souls, you will be moll inexcufable. God bath madeyouas a City on an Hill, not onlyby the eminency ofPlace whereyou fojourn, but alfo by the lullre of thofe Starsin his Right hand,whom he bath formerlyfit amongyou : Thofe hoary Heads, zealous and lively Dr. Winter, that mighty Man in Prayer; grave and judicious Mr. Timothy Taylor; and thofe of fewer days,in whomyet was the.Infpirationof the Almighty to give them,