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TheGofpel of thebierfocal Types. 83 facrificing and offeringup his Ifaac, his only Son Ifaac : There was no- thing fo difficult, but if God require it, Abraham will do it ; there is not fuch another Example, there is not an higher initance of Obedi- ence in all the Scripture, than in Abraham, fave only in Yefus Cbrift, who was obedient to his Fathers Will in all things, even unto Death it felf, Yoh. 6.38. -8. 29.-1 c). 18. As God tryed Abraham in his Ifaac So will he try every Son of Abraham in what is deareft to him. 5. Abraham's IntercefTon for the Righteous in Sodom, and the Efficacy of it with the Lord, isTome fhadow and refemblance of the Prayers and In- terceffon of 7efus Chrift, and the prevailing Efficacy thereoffor the Salvati- on of the Elea, Gen. 18. 25. For as Lot was faved by means of Abra- ham's Prayer from the Deftruaion of Sodom. So are we for Chrifl's fake from everlafting Damnation. For Sodom was a Type of Hell, which is therefore called a Lake ofFire and Brimftone, Rev.,z t . 8. 6. That he, who was the Father of the Faithful, fhould be fo great a Souldier, and Conqueror offive Kings (and indeed Abraham is the firft godly Warrior we read of in Scripture) : It was a good Omen, and a Prefage, what Believers, the Sons of Abraham, fhould do ; and efpe- cially in the latter days, when the Kingdom of Chrift fhall prevail, as Dan. 2. `and chap 7. 6. Ifaac. The Scripture takes Notice of him as a Type of Chrift, when it calls both him and Chrift the promifed Seed, and faith he rofe from the dead,. and fo he dyed alfo in a Figure, or as a Type. He was thereforea Type of Chrift in three refpe&s. (1.) In his Birth. (2.) In his Death and Sufferings. (3.) In his Referreaion from the Dead. 1. in regard of his Birth, which was extraordinary and incredible, not by the power of Nature, but byvirtue of thePromife of God. Ifaac was the Seed of the Promife made to Abraham, Gal. ç. 28. in whom all the Nations ofthe Earth fhould be blefed : But Chrift was indeed the pro- mifed Seed, he was chiefly and principally intended in that Promife, fee Gal. 3. 16. in whom alone we are truly bleffed, Pfal. 72.. 17. Ifaac was born by Virtue of the Promife believed on, againft and above the ordinary courfe of Nature, of Sarah's dead Womb, Rom. 4. 19. So Chrift was born of the Womb of the Virgin Mary in a miracu- lous unconceivable manner, not according to the ordinary courfe of Nature ; but by the power of the Holy Ghoff overfhadowing her, Luk. t. 35. An Angel did reveal the Birth of Ifaac to Sarah, and the thought in her felf it was impoffible, Gen. 18. 11, 12. Sarah heard it, and it had ceafed to be with Sarah after the manner ofWomen, andSarah laughed with- in ber felf, faring, after Iam waxed old, /hall I havepleafure, any Lord be- ing old alto ? Sodid an Angel reveal to the Virgin Mary, that Cbriß M z . fhould