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84 The Gofpel ofthe perfönal Types. fhould be born of her, and the admires and faith, how can thine, I have not known Man ? Luke . 34. Ifaac's Birth was promifed and waited for many Years : From the firft Promife of a Seed made to Abraham, to the Birth of Ifaac was five and twenty Years : For he was feventy five Years old when he left liaran, Gen. 12. 4. and he was an hundred. Years old when Ifaac was born, Gen. 21. 5. So Chrift the promifed Seedwas Vid. Ainfwortb long expeëted and waited for ; from the firft Promife in j0`' of Chrift in Gen. 3. 15. to his coming in the Flefh was well nigh Four Thoufand Years. 2. ¡fax was an eminent Type of Chrift in regard of his Death and Sufferings. Ifaac without refiftance, without repining or reply, willingly yields himfeif to his Father even unto Death : So was Chrift obedient tohis Father even unto Death. So each of them was led away like a Lamb to the Slaughter, as is faid of Chrift, Ifa. 53. 7 . A7. 8. 32. Ifaac carried the Wood whereon he was bound to Moriah, Gen. 22.6. fo did Chrift carry the Crop whereon he was nailed to Golgotha, John 39. 17. and fo the Wood was firft laid upon them both, and then they were laid upon the Wood. Ifaac was to be offered alone, the Servants being left behind at the foot of the Hill, Gen. 22. 5. So Chrift muff tread the Wine-prefs alone, his Difciples being fled and fcattered from him, Yoh. 16. 32. The Place where Ifaac was offered was Mount Moriah, Gen. 22. 2. and there was theTemple built, a Type of Chrift's Body : And there alfo his Body was crucified, upon another part of the fame Mountain. And as to the Time, fomething of Analogy may be noted r Some accommodate it thus, that as ifaac came the third Day to the place of his Immolation: So Chrift came to his Sufferings the thirty third Year of his Age, confining of three Tens and three Units. And it was threeYears after his Entrance upon this publick Miniftry, which is three Days, putting a Day for a Year according to the Prophetick Stile, Luke 3. 23. he began his Miniftry the thirtieth Year of his Age. And there be four Paffovers mentioned in the Gofpel of john, in the Sacred Story of his Life and Death. Or we may apply this Circumftance more literally in reference to his Refurre&ion from the Dead, which is the 3. Third thing wherein Ifaac was a Typeof Chrift, thus ; that they were both deliveredfrom Death the third Day. Look, as Ifaac was reputed- among the Dead in his Father's Thoughts and Purpofe for three Days, who had given him up unto the Lord 5 but he received him again as from ,44