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The Go, feel of the perfonal ?ypes. gs from the Dead after three Days. So Chrifl was in the State ofDeath three Days ; but then rofe again to dye no more ; fo that as Ifaac in three Days was both alive and dead, and revived in a Figure, Christ, was fo in Truth. In this refpea the Apoftle clearly makes him a Type. of Christ, Neb. i r. 19. accounting that God was able to rail him up even from the Dead, from whence alfo be received bim in a Figure. For Ifaac's Death and Refurreaion were not a real Death and Refurre&ion ; but a figurative Death, and a figurative Refurreion : The 'Truth of which Figure is in Christ, who both dyed and rofe again really and indeed. 1 an he that liveth and was dead, and behold 1 am alive for evermore, Amen, and have the Keys of Hell and of Death, Rev. I. 18. 7. yacob, he alto was a Type of Christ, and is intimated in the Scripture fo to be, in that Chrift is called by his Name, Ifa. 49. 3.. Thou art my Servant, O Ifrael, in whom Iwill beglorified; they are the Words of God the Father unto Jefus Chrift. yacob was a Type of Chrift, a. In his Sojourning. 2. In his Wreftling. a. In his fojourning and travelling toand froin anafflictedCondition almoft .. all bis Days : For he feems to have been the molt afflicted Saint that we readof in Scripture, except fob; He leaves his Father's H'oufe and goes to Haran, and lives there as a Servant for his two Wives, Ra- chel and Leah, Gen 28. i o. and 29. 18, z. So Chrift left the Bofom of his Father, defcended from the highest Heavens, and fojourned -here upon Earth in the Form of a Servant, to purchafe to himfelf a Spoufe, a Church of Jews and Gentiles. Yacob alfo went down into Egypt by God's DireEìion, and there fofeph fed, him, Gen. 46.3. So Chrift was carried into Egypt by 7ofep17 the Son of another Jacob, being warned fo to do by the Lord in a Dream : And was there fed and provided for by fofeph his reputed Father, Matth, z. i 3. And as the Lord brought facob back again in his Pofterity; whô carried his Bones with them, Gen. 46. 4.. 1 will firely bring thee up again. So he brought Chrift out of Egypt in his own Perfon. And that this Hiftory had a typical Refpea to Christ,., you may fee in Mat. z. t 5. Hof II. i. when Mad was a Child, then I loved him, and called my Son out of Egypt. It is fpoken there Hiftorically ; but .not only fo, but prophetically alfo: For that Hiftory of Ifracis going into Egypt, and returning again, was a typical Hiftory, arïd'did re- prefent what was to be done in Chrift the true Ifrael. 2. 7acob