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The Gofpel of the perfnoal Types. r. Firlf then for Mofes and fofhua. The one (ac I faid) delivered' them out of Egypt, the other brought them into Canaan ; and fo fha dowed forth both our Deliverance from fpiritual Bondage and Mifery, and the bringing ofus into a Rate of fpiritual Reft and Happinefs by Jefus Chrift There was a Prefiguration of the former in Mofcs, and of the latter in fofhua. This Mofes, the Scripture fpeaks of him, as thegreateft Perfoa ap- on all accounts that ever was in the World, except Yefus Chr:fl. See the three lait Verfes of Deuteronomy ; And there arofe not a Prophet fsnce in Ifrael like unto Mofes, whom the Lord knew faceto face : In all the fsges and wonders which the Lord Pent him to do in the LandofEgypt, to Pharaoh, and all bis Servants, and to all his Land, and in ali that mighty band, and in all the great Terror which Mofes ¡hewed in the fight ofall Ifrael. As to all humane anddivine Excellencies and Accomplifhments, and appea- rances of God in him, there was never his fellow. Melchizedek indeed was greater in one Refpe&, as to that Ihadow of Eternity and unchangeableGlory before mentioned : Solomon was grea- ter as to the outward Peace and Splendor ofhis Kingdom, and as to univerfàh Infight into all the depths, fecrets, and myfteries of Nature : But neither of them had fuch continual vifible Entercourfe and Commu- nion with God in vifible appearances to him upon all Occafions : Nei- ther of themwrought fuch Miracles, nor were they instrumental to fo great a Work of Providence, as the Deliverance of Ifrael out of Egypt,, which, withall the Pafl'ages and Circumftances belonging to was the greateft and the higheft Difpenfation of Providence that ever was ex- cepting that of our Redemption by Jefus Chrift. Yea fo famous was the Hiítory of Mofes, that tho' it was very anti- ent ; yet the Heathen Hiftorians and Poets have faid fomething of it. And he is thought by force to be their Mercurius Trifinegiflus, of whom they fpake out of force broken remembrances and traditions, though corruptedwith fabulous Inventions intermix'd ; wherein yet force foot- Reps of the Truthmay be difcerned. They call their Mercurius, Inter. pres Divum, and paint him with, a Rod twined with.Serpents, &c. Now that Mofes was a Type, the Scripture is clear, Deut. 18. 18. X will raife them up a Prophet from among their Brethren, like unto thee Ueb. 3. z. fefus Chrift, who wasfaithful to him that appointed him, as alto Mofes was faithful in all his Houfe. But how, or wherein was Mofes a Type ? The Anfwer is, in two refpets : For Mofes maybe confidered'°two ways. t. In regard of hisDifpenfatiora, and fohe was a Type of the Lam In