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The Gebel'of the perfanal7ypes. 93 2. In regard of his Perfon, and fo he was a Type of Jefus Chrift And fo we have two things to inquire into. 1. What of the Law, and 2. What of Jefus Chrift was fhadowed forth in Mofs. I (hall begin with the lower Notion firft. z. Mofes was a Type oftheLaw, inregard of the Difpenfationwhere- in the Lord was pleafed toufe him, and which he introduced by his Miniftry into the Church. For (as hath been formerly (hewed) the Types are not always to be reftrained only to the Perfon of Chrift ; But therewere legal fhadows of all other Truths, which are more clear- ly and fully revealed under theNewTettament And fo they had their Types and Shadows evenofthe Covenant of Works, as was Chewed in Abraham's Wives and Children : SolikewifeMofes his Adminiftration of the Mind of God fhadowed forth the fame thing. Hence the Scripture fpeaks fo much of the Law of Mofes, under the notion of Works, The Lary came by Mofes, Yob. r. 17: that is, ascon- tra-diftinguifhed unto Gofpel Grace and Truth, for it follows : But Grace and Truth by Yefus Chrifl. Not that Mofes his Difpenfation was indeeda-Covenant ofWorks, but afhadow or reprefntation of it. For had it been indeed a Covenant of Works, it would have been their. Duty to feek Salvation by their own Merits : But they were faved by Grace as well as we, and not by Works They were ravedby Faith in Chrift, and in his Righteoufnefs, whereof they had force difcoveries ; they were under a Difpenfation of ,Grace : But it was like a Covenant of Works, and did very much refemble that legal way in_many Refpeús. zieft. But wherein was the Mofaical Difpenfation fo like unto the Co- venant of Works ? What ofthe Law was fhadowed forth. inMofes ?. "Inf. Something was hinted as to this in the firft Sermon on . Heb.'4. z. But now to fpaak a little further to it: r. In regardof the dreadful Majefly, and Terror, and Glory of that Adminiftration. Herein it was like the old Covenant, Heb. 12. 18. --21. God a&s as a Soveraign Lord in the Covenant ofWorks, and appears in the dreadful Glory of his abfoluteSoveraignty and Domini- on over his Creatures. 2. There wasa darknefs alfo in that Difpenfation, Heb. 12. 18. To are not come unto blacknef, and darknefs, andTempe,. Hence Motes had a Veil upon his Face, Exod. 34. a9, 3o, 33. But there was a further Myftery in this Veil ; it fignifieth a fpiritual Veil, a Covering upon the Heart, 2 Cor. 3. z3, 14. a Veil upon their Mind, Ad. 13. 27. they underftood not the Prophets . though Read 3 There