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94. The Gofpel of the perfonal Types. 3. There was Yoke of Bondage, which neither we nor our Fathers (faith Peter) were able to bear, A. 15. i o. fo the Law genders Canto Bondage, Gal. 4.24, 25. Such as are under the Law, their Spirits are under continual Bondage : But the Gofpel is fpiritual Liberty. 4. The abiding Strength and Power of the Law to condemn, 2 Cor. 3 ---the Letter killeth It is the Miniffration of Death : And as Mo- fes his natural Force was not abated, Deut. 34.7. fo neither is the Strength of the Law, as to its condemning Power over Sinners. Hereby the continual force of the Law is fignified, the Power where- Anj4vorth of decayeth not in the Confcience of Sinners by number of in toc. Daysor multitude of Works, till God take it away, and abo- lilh it by Grace in Chrift. 5. The Weaknefs of it to fave. Mofes might not enter into Canaan, tho' he did much defire rt ; fee Deut. 32. 52. Andthe Reafon alledged is his failing in that one point ; 'Numb. 20. 12. What was Mofes his error and miftake at that time ? There is fomethingof difficulty to difcern, and make it out. Three things the Scripture feemeth to intimate. a. He (mote the Rock twice, Numb. 20. r r. when his Inftru&ions were no more, but to fpeak unto it, v. 8. 2. Something of inordinate Pailion feems to be noted, Pfal. ro6. be fpake unadvifedly with his Lips, y, 33. 3. His Vnbelief is exprefly taxed, becaufe ye believed not my Word, Numb. 20. 12. But what was this Unbelief? Or how came it to be working in him at this time ? Some have guefl'ed at it thus, This Occurrence fell out eight and thirtyYears after their firft,murmuring for Water : And there was a newGeneration now rifen up, and they falling into the very fame Sin, and that at the fame place, upon the Borders of Canaan, and . upon the fame occafion, want of Water, for which the Lord had re- jeEted and excluded their Fathers ; Mofes was afraid, that the Lord would now take Advantage againft this Generation alfo, as he did a- gainit their Anceflors, caufing them to wander forty Years ; and as indeed he might luftly have done againft there alto : But yet Mofes çihoùld not have given way to fuch Fears, unlefs the Lord had de- elar'd'it, which as to this Generation he ,did not : But for this one failing Mofes could not enter into Canaan. =So the Law, if but one Sin be admitted, keeps the Soul out of Hea- ven :'\TheLaw is ftrong to condemn and deftroy Sinners, but it is unable aid, weak to fave them. The Law cannot fave, Rom. 8.3. 6. The