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The Gofpel of theperfonal Type: 95- 6. The Abrogationof it through Grace. As Mofes's Body was buried, that it could not be found, Deut. 34. 6. and Satan would have brought it forth again ; but Michael oppofed him, uele9. fo God hath buried the Law ; though Satan would revive it in the Spiritsof Men. 7. Mofes did prepare the Peoplefor Jofhuah's Difpenfation:. So the Law prepares and fits the Soul for Chrift, Gal. 3. 24. wherefore the Law was our Schoolmaffer, to bring us unto Chriff, that we might be juffifed by Faith. It doth doth not put us into Chrift, but it prepares us for Ch in regard of the Terror of that Difpenfation, and the Dark- nefs and Bondage of it, the Strength to condemn, the Impotency of it to bring them into Reff, and the Abrogation of it, and that neverthelefs it did prepare and fit them for Reft ; Mofes did adumbrate and fhadow forth the Covenant of Works. 2. We may confider Mofes under an higher Notion. Though in re- fpeEt of the External Difpenfation introduced by him, he fhadowed forth the Law ; yet in other refpe&s, if we confider him in his own Perfon, he was a Type of Chriff. The Scripture is clear for this alfo, Dee. 18. r 5, r 8. A Prophet Thal the Lord thy God raife up unto thee of thy Brethren like unto me That this was fpoken of Chrift, fee Aft. 3. 22. Petty there applies it unto Chrift, he was like unto Mofes. There was a Simi;itude, but yet there was not a Parity. For Chrift was far above Mofes, Heb. 3.. 3. For this Man was counted worthy of more Glory than Mofes, inafmuch as he who builded the Hou f bath more Glory than the i -loufe : And again, ver. 5. Mores verily wasfaithful as a Servant ; but Chri. h as a Sonover his own Hoare, ver. 6. You may fee it in there par- ticulars. r. In regard' of his Births a. In his perfonal Qualifications. 3. In the whole courfe of his Life.. 4. In the clofe of it. x . Mofes was. a Type of Chrift in regardof his Birth. In that he was born but of mean Parents, in the time of Ifrael's Bondage in E- gypt, Exod. 2. i. perfeeuted in his Infancy by Pharaoh, and wonderful- ly preferved, Exòd. 2. 3, 9. So Chrift, Ifa. 53.2. He fball grow up as a Root, out of a dry Ground. When the Houfeof Davidwas brought ve- ry low, and the Glory of it feemingly extin&, they were of the poor- eft fort of People, as appears by their Offering, which wasbut a pair of Turtle Doves or twoyoung Pidgeon,, Luke 2.24.. when they taxed . all the that is when the 7ews were under Bondage to the Ro- mans? Luke, a. x, 4 and you know Roma is fpiritually called Egypt ;- shun,