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The Gofpel of theperfonal Types. r 3 z fronal Type, it was no permanent Thing. The Hiftory of it is in Gen. 28. 12-16. That it had a Typical Refpeíl, our Saviour himfelf feenis to infinuate, john 1. Hit. It reprefented Chri.,`t as themeans of Inter- courfe between God and Man. Yet it was not,. to fpeak properly, a Type ; but rather a Typical Vifion, being not a thingalually exiftent, but only in a Vifìon of the Night However, becaufc Divers who have fpoke upon the Types have made mention of it, I ^'.'. alfo fpeak a Word to it. Altho' even this Circumftance. Some hay( : n'aeht of a typical Accommodation for it thus ; That as yacob f ava : ' is Ladder but in a Vifion : So we fee Chrift here but in a Glaf darkly, 1 Cor. 13. 12. till the Day-light of Glory in Heaven dawn upon us; when we Than fee Face to Face. But I (hall draw the Parallel only in thefe five Things. z. Here was fome dark Shadow of the Perfon, Natures and Office ofChrift thus The Foot of this Ladder flood upon the Earth, and the topof it reach'd up to Heaven, whet thy Beaten and Earth did meet as it were : So Chrift in regard of l=?.- ,,r ; mane Nature toucheth the Earth ; yet in regard of his Deity, he is the God of Heaven. And as in this Ladder, the top and the foot of it x ,!e but one Lad- der : So both the Natures of Chrift are but one Perna; and by this, Union of his two Natures he brings flea- Earth together unites God and Man, which was the great Worx for which he came into the World. 2. This vifional Ladder fhems the way to Heaven. There is noafcen- ding to Heaven, bat by the Spiritual La.ddrr Jefus Chrift, noSalvation but by Chrift, no comfortable Intercourfe and Communion between God and 0, but only in and through him. Men cannot climb to Hewn by their own Works and Merits : tho' they thould heap Moun- tain to Mountain of Duties one upon another; yet they would fall fhort. Neither is there Salvation in any other ; for there is no other Name tender Heaven given amongft Alen whereby we mull. be Paved, Aft. 4. r2. 3. We have in this typical Ladder an exprefs Figure of the Miniftration of Angels through 7efus Cbris4 unto the Saints, which is a Fruit of that great Priviledge of Adoption : For they afcended and defcended in the Vifion by this Ladder. To wicked Men the Angels are Enemies ( as if the King frown upon a Man, all the Court does fo too) and fight againft them, as they did againft Senacherib's Army, when they flew an hundred eighty five thoufand in one .Night, 2 Kings 19. 3 5 fo Pfal. 35. 5, 6. Let them be as Chaff before the Wind, and let the Angel of the Lord chafe them; let their way be dark and flippery, and let the An gel of the Lordperfecute them. The blefl'ed Angels are ever chafing and Sz per.