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132 The Gofpel ofthe perfonal Types. perfecutíng Reprobates and wicked Men. But through Chrift they mi. sifter unto us for our Good, Zacb. t. 9. they appeared behind him, and ver. ro. thefe are they whom the Lord bath fent forth, and ver. tt, they give tap their Account to him. 4. Jacob fees God at the top of the Ladder, renewing his Covenant with him, ver. 13. So it is through Chrift that God enters intoCovenant, and renews his Covenant with usr; through Chrift the Promifes are Tea and Amen, z Cor. t. zo. God could never have fpoken Words of Peace to Sinners, but by the Mediation of Jefus Chrift. 5. Where was this Ladder Peen ? At Bethel, vw h;ch liignifies the Houle of God, ver. 19. be called the Name of the Place Bethel. So Chrift is feen in the Church, Ephef 3. to. and through the Church made known to Principalities and Powers, &c. If you would have a Vifion of Chrift, go to Bethel, into the Churches of his Saints and People, Cant. i. S. If thou know.not, go thy wayforth by the Foot flees of the Flock. 6. There be feveral fleps of this Ladder. Which force apply thus un- to feveral degrees of Grace; as there are many Rounds of the Lad- der, fo there are many Graces in Saints : The loweft Round is Pover- ty of Spirit, the higheft is Perfeaion. Thus you fee how 7acob's Ladder reprefented and shadowed forth fomething of Chrift, and of the Gofpel, to Jacob and toUs. And fo much for this Spiritual Ladder which Yacob law. 2. A fecond Typical Thing in thofe Typical Days was the burning Bulb which the Lord [hewed to Mofes, Exod. 3. in the Ten firft Ver- fes : A very memorable Difpenfation ; therefore largely repeated by Stephen, Alts 7. 30. to 35. The Bufh burnt, and was not confirmed. A molt lively Emblem of the Churches fubftling in the Fire of Perfecuti- on through the prefence and good will of him that dwelt in the burning Bufh. That is the lnftru&ion we íhould learn out of it. As Ifrael in the Iron Furnace in Egypt : For it related both ways, both to thew the State of Ifrael in Egypt. and of the Church of God on Earth after- wards. So the Three Children, Dan. 3. in the fiery Furnace were not confumed, no nor hurt by the Fire. So in the times ofAnticbri.e, Rev. t t. 3. the Lord hath his Witneffes prophefying all the thoufand two hun- dred and threefcore Days: God hath his two Witnefl'es all the while; though they prophetic in Sackcloth ; yet 'prophetic they do, and bear witnefs to him : The Lord doth not leave 1 mfelf without Witnefs, when his Church and lntereft is in the loweft and molt afflicted Condition: And indeed all along under the New Teftameat this Both hath been burning in feveral ?fret, and ye>,not c.onfumed... There