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I.42 The Gofpel of the occafional Types. . The weekly Sabbatb now is a dayof fpiritaal gathering, and getting Food foryour Souls But therewill a Sabbath come, a time and 'fate of Reff, when you muff live upon the Manna you have got and gathered in this Life, or elfe you perilb. 4. It ceafed when they came to Canaan : They had it till then, Exod. 16. 35. but then they did eat of the Fruit of the Land of Canaan, fofh. 1. 12. The Manna ceafed on the Morrow after tbey had eaten of the old Corn ofthe Land : So (hall all MeansandOrdinances, when we come to Heaven ; Word, Sacraments, offers of Grace (hall be no more ; then means of Grace andopportunities 'hall be no more, 5. Yet neverthelefs there was a Gcsden Pot of it referved and kept by therm for ever, being laid up before the Lord in the Holyof Holies, Ex- od. r6. 33, 34. a Pot ; it is called in Heb. 9..4. a Golden Pot. So 'hall Chrift remain ; and all the Difpenfations of him in this Life, (hall re- main in precious Remembrance with the Saints in Heaven before the Lord to all Eternity ; Chrift fhall be laid up as it were in the Golden Memories of the Saints, like Manna in the Golden Pot, for a Memori- al before the Lord ; the Love of Chrift and all the Difpenfations of himfelf. They had likewife Aaron's Rod bloftoming, laid up to the fame End and Pùrpofe. So the Saints (hall remember in Heaven, how the Rod of Aaron Budded, how the Miniftry was Blefl'ed, and made Fruitful to them when they were in this World. So much as to the Manna, or Bread from Heaved. You fee how full it was of Chrift and Gofpel Myfteries. - A Fifth typical Thing ofOld, war the Rock thatfollowed them, with Wa- ter iffuing forth out of the Rock. The Hiftory.of this Type is in the 17th Chap. Exod. feeverfe 6. That it was a Type, is expreffed by the Apo- ftle a little before the Text, r Cor. to. 4which Rock was Chrift. This Rock and the Water ifl'uing out of it, was a Type of Chrift, and of his Spirit. It was a Difpenfation often Celebrated by His People, to thePraife of God in after-times. But wherein did the Rock reprefent Chrift ? I fhall but Inftance in Four Refpeits. t. As to Strength and Firmnefs, and Stability. He is indeed the Rock of Ages, Ifa. 26.4. The Rock ofEternity ; Everlafling Strength, as it is not unfitly interpreted by our Tranflators Ifa. 33.16. His defence is the Munitions of Rocks, Impregnable fafety to his People, Their Bread (hall be given them; Tbeir Waters (hall not fail r Pet. 2.6. BeholdTlay in Sion a chief Corner Stone, Elea, Precious ; and he that believeth in him Iliad not be Confounded. The Church isBuilt upon this Rock, Mat. 16. 78. Hence