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The Gofpel of the occafionalTypes. 43 Hence a wife Hearer is faid to build his Houfe upon a Rock, Mat. 7. 2. M to Shadow and Refrefhment, Ifa, 32. 2. As thefhadow of a great Rock in a weary Lavd : This World is a weary Land, Pfal. tat. 6, 5, The Sun _hall not (corch by Day, nor the Moon by Night. Thofe that dwell under the Shadow of this Rock thofe that are in Chriff. 3. He is fitly refembled to a Rock for Offence and Scandal : Not in himfelf, but only accidentally through the Prejudices and Lufts of Men. Hence he is called a Rock of Offence, and a Stone o f_tumbling, i Pet. 2. 8 Rom. 9. 33. As it is writen (Ifa, 8. 14. and 28. 16. ) Behold 1 lay in Sion a Stumblingftone and Rock of Offence, and whofoever believetb on him (hall not be alhamed. 4. He is a Rock as to meannefs and unlikelihood ofthat fupply ofWater. Who would expect or look for Water out of a Rock ? Therefore it is :fo often remembred with Admiration, Pfal. 7S. 20. The Rock was of no great Pomp to fee to, but only a rude thing ftanding in a vaft Defert. So in Chr tt, to outwardView, there is no Beauty that we ihould delire him, Ifa. 53. Neither is there any likelihood of Salva- tion to be had in Chriff, if Men behold him only in his Meannefs, and look only at his Abafement with an Eye of Senfe and carnal Rea. fon, as the Jews of old did. And as the Rock reprefented Chrift unto them : SoSecondly, The Water out of it, reprefented the Spirit of Chriff, obn 7. 37, 38, 39-6 Out of his Belly (hall flow Rivers of living Water. Thisfpake he of the spi- rit. There is nothing more frequent in Scripture, then to exprefo the Spirit by Water, If:. 44.. 3. and that molt fitly, becanfe of the eleanfing and refrefhing Vertue of it. Bot let us here confider it in reference to the Rock from whence it came : And in this there is a four- fold Analogy obferva:ble. s. As the Water i;ìied forth out of the Rock.So theSpirit proceeds: and comes from Chrift---The Comforter whom I will fend untoyou from.- the Father, John 15. 26. To refrefh the weary Soul when ready to faint away. 2. The Water came forth out of the Rock when fmitten.with the Rod ofMofes, Exod. i 7.6. So the Spirit proceeds from Chriff; fmit- ten as it were with Mofes's. Rod, with the Curfe of the Law for our Sins, 1_4 53. --hewasfmitten ofGod and affiEled. Had not Chriff died, ,. and fuffered, we had never had any refrefhing Water, never any Ri vers of Joy and Confolations-from his Spirit. 3, The next time the Rock muff be fpoken- to, Numb. 20, 8.. k feemeth.that God in, his unfearchable Wifdom andProvidence did:fei. order,