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156 The Gofpel ofthe creational Types. which is yet worfe, thefe Egyptian Tyrants would not let them have the Liberty of their Confciences to ferve and worfhip God. So is the Bond ige of Sin and Satan, very fore and hard Bondage. The fervice of a Luff, the bondage of a bate Luft, is worfe then any Turkr(h or EEpytian Bondage, 'tis to do the Devil's Drudgery : Thom haft wearied thy felt in the greatnefs of thy way, ffa. 57 to Sinners take much Pains, endure much Labour and hardthip in the fatisfying of their Lufts. 2. Tho' they did figh under their Bondage, and they had none to help ; yet when help mars offered, they had no heart to receive it, and clofe in with it ; but did foolishly and forwardly refute and rejeEt it. They refufd Mofes, Exod. 2. 14. Aíts 7. 25, 35. So Sinners, in their natural Bondage, 'will fometimes cry out and complain of their Sins, but yet refufe offers of Grace. When. the Lord comes to deliver them, they . hold fast Deceit, and refufe to return,'Jer. 8. 4, 5. 3. When they began to think of getting free, Pharaoh purfites them with all his might : All the Land is in an uproar, whereas all was quiet be- fore, Exod. 14. 5, 9. And they are brought to a defperate Strait, the Sea before them, the Mountains on each Hand, their Enemies behind them at Baal x.ephon, Exod. 14. So doth Satan ; when the Soul be- gins to break loofe, then Beelzebub roars ; he lets it go on quietly till then, but then purfues, it wich dreadful Temptations, Luke II. 21. When the firong ,'Man armed keeps the Hokfe, all is in Peace ; but when a ftronger then. he comes to difpoffefs him, then he rages, and often drives the Soul into defperate Straits and diftrefs of Spirit. 4. Yet notwithftanding all this Oppofition, the Lord delivers them, and brings them forth with a mighty Hand, and with an out-ftretch'd Arm, Exod. 14. So he brings forth the Soul in defpite of Satan from out of its natural Condition, by the out- ftretched Arm, and by the Al- mighty Power of the HolyGhoft; converting Grace is irrefiftible. 3,. 7frael's Deliverance out of Egypt of old, was a .7ype of the New Teftament Churches Deliverance from the Yokes of Anticbrisi. For Egypt. is exprefly made a Type of Rome, Rev. r 1. 8. To be under the Yokes of Men, under Antichriftian Bondage, is worfe than Egyptian Bondage : For that was chiefly over the Bodies, but this over the Souls of Men, this is Rome's Merchandice, Rev. 18. That Menmutt have their Con- fciences kept in the Pocket of a bafe Prieft at Rome; for him to op- prefs their Confciences and exercife dominion over their Faith, what . fearful flavery is. this ? Hence alfö to make the Parallel yet a little clearer, look as Mofes and ¡frac! fang, when they came forth out of literal Egypt. So in like man-