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The Go,feet of the occafonal types. 157 manner when the Churches of the New Tellament came forth out of Antichriftian Bondage, they are faid to fing the Song of Mofcs and of the Lamb,. Rev. r 5. 3. 2. Another typical Difpenfation of Deliverance and Mercy towards Ifrael of Old, was their 'Fake through the Red Sea, as on dry I and : TheStory whereof is recorded, Exod. 14. A very great and mighty Work of Providence, and very often.celebrated with triumphing Praifes to God, in atter times. See ifa. 63. r 2, 13. and Bali. 3. 8, 9. and often in the Pfalms. The Sea they paffed through is called the Red Sea : The reafon of which Name is thought to be from Efau, who got the Sirname of Red, and whote Seat and Habitation was bordering upon this Sea. The Place where they paffed over, I find in Geographers, that it was four Miles broad. The means was by Moles flretching forth his Rod, dnd the Lord fending an Ea.$b Wind, ver ar. The Waters flood as a Wall : Not in the Shape and Figure of a Wall, ( for then it is not likely that Pharaoh and the Egyptians, as mad as they were, would have dared to have purfued them) but probably in the ordina- ry Figure that other Waters ufe to have: But they did ferve to the life-of the Wall on each fide the Camp, to keep off the Egyptians that they could not inclofe the I/raelites, and compafs them about. That this was a typical Difpenfation, the Apoflle cloth affirm here in the Context, r Cor. ro. 1, 2. The Myftery of it was this ; it repre- !fented Baptifm, and that both in the outward Form, and the inwardGood of Baptifm. 1. Here was a manifeft Reprefentation of the outward Ordinance For here was an Application of the Element of Water by Mofes the Minifter of God, unto the whole Church of God, who were fix hun- dred thoufand Men, befides Women and Children : Thefe were all bap- tifed by Mofes in the Sea : But how was the Water applied to them ?` The Egyptians were drowned and over-whelmed in it ; but there was no contiguousApplication of it to the Israelites, otherwife than what drops of Water might be blown upon them by the Wind, that flrong' Eaft-Wind : But they paffed through the Place of that Element, and fa' here was a Figure and a Shadow of Baptifm. 2. Betide the outward Form, the inward Good of Baptifm w s alfo re- prefented and lively fet forth in this Difpenfation, thus : That as Ifrael' when departing out of Egypt, and purfued by Pharaoh did paf' fately through the Sea, when their Egyptian Enemies were drowned in it So when the Ifrael of God are departing and making their efcape to the Spiritual Reft, they fee' before them the fwelling Waves and Billows of the Wrath of God ready to [wallow them up, and the Iniquities of thefts:,