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158 The Gofpel of the occafional Types. their Heels together with the Prince and Powers of Darknefs purfuing hem ; bat iefas Chrift drys up thefe Floods, and deep Waters of the WrPth of God for all his People, and is as a Wall of fafety- to them 'on ich Hand, and leads them fafely through it. But he caufeth thefe Floods to overwhelm their Enemies, he Triumphs over them in his fury, over Principalities and Powers, and all implacable Advetfaries ; he kills and buries Sius and Devils, that they can no more rife up to hurt his People, than a drowned Egyptian can, to hurt an ¡fraelite. The Wrath of God is often compared in the Scripture to Floods and deep W;ters, P(al. 69, c, 2, God is faid to be with his People when they pafs through the Waters, Ifa. 4.3.2. And he is faid to drown their Sins in the depths of the Sea, Micah. 7. 19. And as Ifrael was thus Condoned fafe in the morning Watch, Exod. 14, 24, 27. So Chrift in the morning Watch ofhis Refurraiion, and in the morning of thegeneral Refurrejion and laft Judgment, Triumphs over all the Enemies of his People, Pfal. 49. i4.Then his Church is fully palled fromDeath to eternal Life; then way Ifrael ling the Song of Mofes and of the Lamb, and fay, the Lord (hall reign for ever, andever, Exod. 15.18. Much Teaching, and many other Inftruaions might be learned from all the Circumftances of this Difpenfation. The Egyptians here, met with a Punilhment fuitable to their Sin. They had drowned the Children of Ifrael ; and now fourfcore Years after, they themfelves are drowned in the Red Sea. And from the forediftrefs that Ifrael was in, the Sea before them, their Enemies behind them, the Mountains on either fide ; infomuch that they had no ocher Choice, in the Eye of Reafon, but either to be Drowned or Slain. We may here obferve, that the molt Glorious Deliverances of the Church, are in their great- eft Straits and molt defperate Diftreffes : We may alto obferve the in- vincible Safety of the Church of God in all Tryals, under all Troubles. The Fire cannot Burn them, as you have feen before in the burning, Bufh, which Burnt, and was not confutned : The Sea cannot Drown them ; you have formerly heard of Noah floating upon the Waves in an Ark ofSafety, when all the World was Sea ; and now you fee Ifrael fafe in the bottom of the Sea. Oh! Trutt God and follow the Lord fully, when he leads you into dangers and difficulties,as deep as the Bottom of the Sea, 2 Chron. 20, 12. We know not what to do, but our Eyes art unto thee. It was by Faith that Ifrael did this, Heb. r r. 29. Some make the RedSea a Type of the Blood of Chrift, That tyro' his Blood we pafs to the Land of Promife. 3. Their marching through the Wildernef thole Defarts of Arabia, with ìhnir God in the Head ofthem, Ptah 68.7. Was Typical of the Wilder- nefs