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The Gofpel of the occajional Types. 159 nets of an unregenerate Condition : So Burrough's of Hoy Courage on Heb. t i. a7. Cap. 25, and 26. interprets and Implies this their Paíläge out of Egypt unto Canaan. Herein was an Eminent Prefiguration of three Things. r. Troubles, Difficulties, Temptations in the way to Heaven. That through many Tribulations we mull. enter into the Kingdomof God, At;. I4. 22. This World is but a Wildernefs, an howlingWildernefs, full of, Lyons and Leopards, Sins and Troubles, Cant. 4.8. full of fiery Ser- pents, and Scorpions, and Drought ; as thole Arabian Deferts were. 2. We may here fee as in a Glafs, the Corrupt:cns of our own Hearts. That this was a great part ofthe meaning of this Type, the Apoftle fbews at large in many Verles of the Context, v. 5. to, io. Look what Ifrael did, and how they carried it ill the Wildernefs ; we are apt to do the like : We. are apt to think they were a very murmuring froard People ; but if thou hadft been in their Circumftances , thou wouldft have d®ne as bad as they. 3. The perifhing and mifcarrying ofmany Souls under forne preparative and initial Work, is alfo here plainly held forth. For many of them pe- rithed in the Wildernefs, while they were in tranfitu, between Egypt and Canaan. So doth many a Soul after fome beginnings and motions Heavenward. The Apoftle applies it thus, Heb. g.. i, t r. left any Man fallfhort after the fame Example of'Vnbelirf ; and here, i Cor, io, 5. ma- ny of them weredeftroyed in the Wildernefs. 4.. Theirpang through Jordan under Jofhua's Condo ,. the Prie Its bearing the Ark, going in before them, and ftanding in the midfl thereof, till all the People were gone over, Jothua. 3. 13, 17. and 4. 1o, 18. was another Type. The fignification of this, was (as the Difpenfation it fell was) much after the fame Nature with their Paflige through the Red Sea, but accompanied with differing Circiimftances. In general, it reprefented and held forth Chrift going before his People, and himfelf bearing their Sorrows, which wouldhave funk them : Be wafteth them fafely through all their Sorrowsand Miferies, and through Death it felf over unto their Eternal Refl. It was at this Place Bethabara r12Zn domas tranfitus the Houfe of Paffage, from rra domas and 12P Tanfire. The Place that Jefus Chrift was Baptized at when he entred uponhis Mini- cbytrvus in !try, Yoh. a. 28. And as Ifrael of Old did pals over on the -40 3. &4: tenthDay ofthe firft Month, Jofh. 4. 19. Encamping in Gilgal panties fiber, where they kept the Paffover, Juth. 5. io. So it Teems that on Pref. ul is Car the fame tenth Day of the firft Month, Chrift rode into lend.. xft.. 7erufalem, where he not only kept the Pap-over, but pre rented