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The Gofpel ofthe perpetual Types. 169 BO others of there Judicials are fet as Fences about the Ceremonial Law, and fo mutt needs be fallen together with it. Now the Law of which the Text fpeaks, is not the Moral, nor the Judicial as fuch, but the Ceremonial Law of Mofes called Ephef. the Lam of Commandments contained in Ordinances, and Col. 2. 14.. the Hand-writing ofOrdinances. This Text cannot intend the Moral Law, for that had no Shadow of Gofpel Benefits ; nor the Judicial Law, as fuch ; for part of it was an Appendix to the Moral Law; and the other part was only for the Defence of the Ceremonies. But the Ceremonial Law is here intended ; for that was of a fhadowy Nature, it had a Shadow ofgood Things to come. Queft. 2. What are there future good Things ? 3njm. Thefe are the good Things of the Gofel ; which may be Paid to be future upon a double Account. r. Future, in refpea of the Lam, and OldTeflament- times, 2. Future, in refile& of this Life. So future good Things are eter- nal good Things, Calvin in loc. fee 1 John 3. 2. It doth not yet appear what we (hall be. Tho' we have the foretaftes and Beginnings of them already, yet the Perfection of them is `future, referved in Heaven for us. Quell. 3. What is meant by the Shadow of thefe future Benefits? And what by the very Image of the things themfelves ? Anfm. In a Word, a Shadow here, is a dark and weak refemblance and reprefentation of Things. But the very Image of the Things themfelves, is a clearer and better Reprefentation of them. The Apo- ftle ufeth this Metaphor of a Shadow, concerning the 161ofaical Ceremo- nies, Col. 2. 17. In Oppofition todrift the Body and Sublfance there- of. Here he oppofeth ex'a and sixw'v. Alluding (as it feemeth) to the rude Draught and firft delineation of a Piéture by the Painter, and. to the full Perfeáion thereof,when drawn forth in all its Lineaments and Colours and whole Proportion. So the Shadow is the firft rude Draught : But the Image is a more lively and exaaReprefentation. So the dark Shadow is afcribed to the Law. The more lively Image to the Gofpel. The Things themfelves are in Heaven. So force Interpre- ters carry it, Vide Mayer. Calvin in loc. And the Apoffle hath fotr.e Expreffions looking that way in other Scriptures; as when he faith, that here we fee but in a Glafs darkly, that is, the Glafs ofGofpel-Ad- miniftrations, wherein we fee the lively Image and Picture (as it were) of Chrift crucified, Gal. 3. 1. 2 Cor. 3. 18. fee ars in a Glafs. He is there comparing the Law and the Gofpel, But in Heavenwe (hall fee Face to Face, fee r Cor. 13. 12, Under the Lara they had no more'but the