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170 The Gofpel of the perpetual Types. the Shadow ; but now under the Gofpel we have the very image, We fee Things as in a Glaf ; but in Heaven we have the Things. them- felves. And now to rum up all that hath been faid in Explication, the Do- ¿trine amounts to thus much : That the Ceremonial Law bath a Shadow, or a dark grid weak Reprefentation of the good Things of thet eternal future Happinefs ; the more lively Image and Portraiture whereof,` we haveun- der and by the Gofpel. weft. 4. What are the feverat parts of this Law of Shadows and. Ceremonies, thefe perpetual Types, or everlafting Statutes? _ Anfw. This is a large Field. I Ihall refer them at prefent to five feveral Heads, omitting Sub-divifions, left they be troublefome toweak Memories. 1. The initiatingSeal, towit, Circumcifion. 2. Their Sacrifices and Purifications of Sin and of Uncleannefs. 3. TheTemple and Tabernacle, and other holy Places. 4. The Priefthood, with the whole legal Miniftry. 5. Thé Feftivals or legal Times and Seafons. Thefe five general Heads will carry us theo' this whole Subjea of the Types. For the whole Ceremonial Law, and all or molt. of the Sta- tutes of it, will come in under force of thefe Heads. 1. The initiating Seal of thofe Times, which teas Circumcifion. The firft Inftitution whereof we have in Gen. 17. tool. This is my Covenant which ye ¡has keep between me and you, and thy Seed after thee : Every ..Man-child among you (hall be Circumcifed. And ye (hall circumcife the Flefh ofyour Foreskin, and itThal be a Token of the Covenant betwixt me and you. Which is contraáed and epitomiz'd into a few Words by Stephen, Aas 7.3. And he gave him the Covenant of Circumcifion : And fo Abraham begat Ifaac, and Circumcifed bim the eighth Day : And Ifaac begat Jacob, and Jacob begat the twelve Patriarchs. Wherein he briefly tells us the Subf}ance of this Shadow, and the meaning of this Type, namely, that it fignified and Ihadowed forth the Covenant of Grace. 2. Their Sacrifices and Purifications for Sin, andfor Vncleannefs: Of which Pfal. 40, 6. Sacrifice and offering thou didit not de/ire : Burnt-of- fering andSin-offering haft thou not required. With Heb. to. g, to. Ma- ny Things will come in under this Head : For they had both Sacrifices of Expiation for Moral Sins, and Ceremonies of Purification for Legal Uncleannefs and Impurity. I put them both together, becanfe they did both aim at one Scope, namely the clea.nfing and purging away of They