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The Gofpel of theperpetual Types. I 7r They had Burnt - offerings, Meat -offerings, Peace - offerings, Sin-of- ferings, Trefpafsofferings. They had legal Uncleanneffes of feveral Sorts : They had unclean. Meats, unclean Perfons, unclean Houfes, unclean Garments, unclean Tleffels; the fàddeft of all their Ceremonial Uncleanneffes, was the Le- proy c For all which they had Purifications anfwerable. The general Scope of all which was to Shadow forth p`efus ChriFf in his purifying, cleanfing Power and Virtue, as cleanfing us from the Guilt of Sin by his Blood thed and facrificed for us ; and from the Filth and Power thereof by his Spirit dwelling and working in us. There- fore he is faid to offer up himfelf a Sacrifice for toy, Ephe1 5.2. and to wafh tu, andcleanfe us, ver. 26. 27. 3. The Temple and Tabernacle, and the Vtenfils thereof, with all their holy Places. For they had many and divers of them : The whole Land of Canaan was an holyLand. They had Cities of Refuge. 7erufalem was an holy City, Mount was an holy Hill, the Temple was an holy Houfe. And before they i d a fixed Temple, they had ( which was equivalent in Signification, as`úvell as likeunto it in outward form) the Tabernacle, Heb. 9. a. to vier. 6, All which fignified and lhadow- ed forth both Chr;}, and the Church`: Chrift in his Humane Nature, the Church both as vifible, and as militant and myftical, and likewife as triumphant in Heaven. Therefore the Church ofGod is called his Houle, t Tim. 3. 15. 4. The Priefthood, with all the reft ofthe Temple Minifiry. They had, betide the High Prieft, the other Priefts and the Levites, fome where- of were Porters, force Singers ; And here the Temple-Mufick comes to be confidered : The High Prieft visas an eminent Type of Chrift, the true and great High Prieft of his Church. And all this Temple- Miniftry was a Shadow of the true Gofpel-Miniftry : Which tho' they cannot be called Priefts in the Popifh Senfe, yet they may be called Antitypical Priefts. The further Myfteries of all which legal Mi- niftry, we (hall open more particularly afterwards, the Lord ena- bling us. 1. A Fifth of thefe perpetual Types was the Feflivals, or holy Times appointed by the Law. Whereof they had many; their weekly Seventh- day Sabbaths ; their New-moons ; their yearly Feafts : That of Ta- bernacles, Pafibver and Pentecoft; their feventh Year; their Jubilee of fifty Years, containing the Revolution of feven times (even ; all which werea Shadow ofgood Things to come, Col. 2. 16, 17. Vfe ;r. This Text and Doarine gives much Light for the Refoluti- en, of that Queftiou, whetber the Law of Mofes was a Covenant of Works ar,.Qrace ? Z 2 f The