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1 Tefiament as well as under the Nor. 3 the Scripture fore[eing that God would juflifie the Heathen through Faith, preached before the Gofpel unto Abraham, Paying, in thee than an Nations be blefled. The Gofpel is the glad Tidings of Man's Recovery by Jefus Chrift, out of the State of Sin and Death into which he was fallen, into a State of Favour and Communion with God again ; into a State of Life and Happinefs. Now this was made known to them of old ; there glad Tidings rounded in their Ears, as well as ours, Pfal. 89.15. BleFred are the people that know the joyful found. The Reafons for the Proof of it, may be fuch as thefe. Reaf. t. Becaufe they had the fame Gofpel blefJings and mercies pro- mifed, preached, and revealed unto them, that we have now revealed and made known unto us ; and in the tame way, and upon the fame aceount as we have them now. There be two Branches of this Argument. r. That they had the fame Gofpel Mercies preached and held forth, and this, 2. In the fame way, and upon the fame account. r. They had the very fame Gofpel Bleflings and Mercies that we have in there latter Days. This will be eafily made out and appear, ifwe Enquire what the good Things of the Gofpel are, we [hail find that they were exhibited unto them, as well as unto us. And what are they ? In general, That God would be their God. How oft is this promife made to them ? And fo he is to us. Now this includes three things. r. Regeneration. 2. Reconciliation and RemifJion of Sins. 3. Everlafling Salvation. I. Regeneration, or the New Heart, the Heart of Fleih, the writing of Gods Law in theHeart. You knowmolt of there are Old Telta- ment Phrafes, Jer. 3i. 33. I will put my Law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts, and will be their God, and they fhal be my people. This was preached and held forth to them by that Seal of Circum- cifion, Deut ;o. 6. And the Lord thy God will circumcife thine heart, and the heart of thy feed, to love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy foul, that thou mayeft live: And by all their legal wafflings and purifications, which fignified their cleanfing from Sin ; from the filth and power, as well as from the guilt of it, Ezek. 36. 25, 26, 27. Then will I fprinkle clean water upon you, and ye [hall be clean : From all your filtbinefs, and from all your Idols will I cleanfe you. A new heart alfo will Igive you, and a new fpirit will I put withinyou : And I will take away the flony heart out of your flefh, and I will give you, B 2