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8" The Gofpel Preachedunder the Old Anfw. This is only in regard of the manner of Difpenfation : We do not call the firft part of theBible, or the times wherein it was writ- ten, the Old Teftament ; and the latter part of the Bible, and the times wherein it was written, the new Teftament, as if the former were meer Law, and the latter nothing bue Gofpd. No, therefore take heed of niiftaking here. For there is very much of the Gofpel, and the Grace of God in Chrift revealed in the Old Teftament ; many precious Gof- pel-truths in the Old Teftament : And there is very much of the Law and threatnings thereof declared, written down and left upon Record to us in the NewTeftament. Yea, there is more of Hell and Dam- nation, there are more dreadful threatnings thereof in the Sermons of our Lord Jefas Chrift recorded in the four Evangelifts, than is to be found in all the Old Teftament. But we call it the Old Teftament, becaufe it was the firft Difpenfation of the Gofpel : And the Gofpel we call the New Teftament, becaufe it is the new Difpenfation of the fame everlafting Gofpel; therefore the reafon is only in the way and manner of their Difpenfation, and not in the Subjefs themfelves. Obj. 2. But there is a fecond Objection : viz. That the Apoftle of- ten fpeaks of That ancient Difpenfation, as if it was Law, and not Gof- fpel. Some Scriptures call that Old Teftament Adminiftration, Law, and the Minifiration of Death : as John. r. s 7. the Law came by Mofes, but Grace and Truth by yefur Chrift. and z. Cor. 3.7. the miniftration of Death written and engraven in Stone : and ver. 9. the minìftration of Con- demnation. If it was Law, (may fome fay) then it was not Gofpel. Anfw. We muff diftinguifh between the thing preached, and the manner of preaching, between the Shell, and the Kernel, the Shadow, and the Subftance. Now the thing preached was the Gofpel ; tho' the manner of preaching it was legal : The Kernel was Gofpel, tho' the Shell was Law : The Spirit and Subftance, and Myftery of that Dif- penfation was Evangelical, tho' it was involved in alegal. Shell and outfide, and overfhadowed with the Shades and Figures of the Law. Godnever had but one way only to rave men by ; but it had divers fafhi- ons and forms, divers outward difcoveries and manifeftations ; in thofe times in a more legal manner, but afterwards more like it felf, in a more Evangelical Manner. This Legality of that Adminiftration appears chiefly in five things, which were the peculiar Properties and Charaaers of that Difpenfati- on ; by which it is diftinguifhed from the Gofpel-difpenfation, as being much inferiour to it. So we flail íhew you two Things at once, both the differences ofthe two Adminiftrations, and withal the Preeminence and Excellencies of the New above the Old. It was dark, weak, carnal, burtbenfome, and terrible. s. It