Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

BOOK IV. PARADISE LOST. 10i Down he alights among the fportful herd Of thole four-footed kinds; hirnfelf now one, Now other, as their fhape ferv'd bell his end Nearer to view his prey, and uneipy'd To mark what of their flare he more might learn, 400 By word or anion mark'd : about them round A lion now he ItaIs with fiery glare, Then as a tiger, who by chance hath fpy'd 10 tome purlieu two gentle fawns at play, Strait couches dole, then riling changes oft 405 His couchant watch, as one who chofe his ground, Wience rufhing he might furell feize them both Grip'd in each paw : when Adam fira of men To fill of women Eve thus moving fpeech, Turn'd him, all ear, to hear new utterance flow. 410 Sole partner and foie part of all thefe joys, Dearer thy Pelf than all I needs mull the Pow'r That made us, and for us this ample world, Be infinitely good, and of his good As liberal and free as infinite, 4r5 That rais'd us from the dull, and plac'd us here In all this happinefs, who at his hand Have nothing merited, nor can perform Ought whereof he bath need, he who requires From us no other fervice than to keep 420 This one, this eafie charge, of all the trees In Paradife that bear delicious fruit So various, not to taile that only Tree Of. Knowledge, planted by the Tree of Life, So near grows death to life, whate'er death is, 425 Some dreadful thing no doubt : for well thou know'lt God hath pronounc'd it death to talle that tree The only lip of our obedience left, Among 10 many figns of pow'r and rule Confer'd