Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

10'2 PARADISE LOST. Boole IV. Confer'd upon us, and dominion giv'n 430 Over all other creatures that poffefs Earth, air, and lea. Then let us not think hard One eafie prohibition, who enjoy Free leave fo large to all things elfe, and choice Unlimited of manifold delights : 435 But let us ever praife him, and extoll His bounty, following our delightful talk To prune thefe growing plants, and tend thefe flow'rs; Which were it toilfome, yet with thee were fweet. To whom thus Eve reply'd. 0 thou for whom 440 And from whom I was form'd, fldh of thy fleth, And without whom am to no end, my guide And head ! what thou hall laid is jutt and right, For we to him indeed all praises owe, And daily thanks ; I chiefly, who enjoy 445 So far the happier lot, enjoying thee Prxeminent by fo much odds, while thou Like confort to thyfeif canft no where find. That day I oft remember, when from fleep I firft awak'd, and found my Pelf repos'd 450 Under a thade on flow'rs, much wonu'ring where And what I was, whence thither brought, and how. Not diflant far from thence a murmuring found Of waters iffu'd from a cave, and fpreact Into a liquid plain, then flood unmov'd 455 Pure as expanfe of heaVn ; I thither went With inexperienc'd thought, and laid me down On the green bank, to took into the clear Smooth Sake, that to me iecm'd another fky. As I bent down to lock, jail oppolite 460 A II-we within the watry gleam appear'd, Bending to look on me. I flailed back, It darted back ; but pleas'd I loon return'd, Pleas'd