Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

BOOK IV. PARADISE LOST. in thick fhade retir'd, from him to draw What further would be learn'd. Live while ye may Yet happy pair ; enjoy, till I return, Short pleafures, for long woes are to fucceed. 535 So Paying, his proud flep he fcornful turn'd, But with fly circumfpetion, and began [roams Through wood, through wafle, o'er hill, o'er dale his Mean-while in utmoft longitude, where heav'n With earth and ocean meets, the Petting fun 540 Slowly defcended, and with right afped Againft the eaftern gate of Paradife Levell'd his ev'ning rays : it was a rock Of alabafler, pil'd up to the clouds, Confpicuous far, winding with one afcent 545 Acceffible from earth, one entrance high ; The refl was craggy cliff; that overhung Still as it rote, impoflible to climb. Betwixt thefe rocky pillars Gabriel fat, Chief of th' Angelic guards, awaiting night : 550 About him exercis'd heroic games Th' unarmed youth of heav'n, but nigh at hand Cceleflial armory, fbields, helms, and fpears, Hung high with diamond flaming, and with gold. Thither came Uriel, gliding through the ev'n 555 On a fun beam, fwift as a (hooting flar In Autumn thwarts the night, when vapors fir'd Imprefs the air, and {hews the mariner From what point of his Compafs to beware Impetuous winds : he thus began in hafte. sbo Gabriel, to thee thy courfe by lot hath giv'n Charge and arid watch, that to this happy place No evil thing approach, or enter in This day at height of noon came to my fphere Q A