Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

106 PARADISE LOST. Boom IV. A fpirit, zealous, as he feem'd, to know More of th' Almighty's works, and chiefly man, God's latell image : 1 defcrib'd his way Bent all on (peed, and mark'd his aery gait : But in the mount that lies from Eden north, Where he &ft lighted, loon difcern'd his looks Alien from heav'n, with paffions foul obfcur'd : Mine eye purfu'd him {till, but under thade Loft fight of him ; one of the banifh'd crew, I fear, bath ventur'd from the Deep to raife New troubles ; him thy care mutt be to find. 565 570 573 To whom the winged warrior thus return'd Uriel, no wonder if thy perfet fight, Amid the fun's bright circle where thou &ft, See far and wide : in at this gate none pals The vigilance here plac'd, but fuch as come 58o Well known from heav'n ; and tince meridian hour No creature thence. If fpirit of other fort, So minded, have o'erleap'd thefe earthy bounds On purpofe, hard thou knovv'fl it to exclude Spiritual fubflance with corporeal bar. 585 But if within the circuit of thefe walks, In whatioever fhape he lurk, of whom Thou tetra, by morrow dawning I (hall know. So promis'd he, and Uriel to his charge 590 Return'd on that bright beam, whofe point now rais'd Bore him dope downward to the fun, now fall'n Beneath th' Azores ; (whether the prime orb, Incredible how fwifr, had thither rowl'd Diurnal, or this leis volubile earth By fhorter flight to th' eaft, had left him there 595 Arraying with reflected purple, and gold, The clouds that on his weilern throne attend,) Now