Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

BOOK V. PARADISE LOST. 143 Pavilions numberlefs, and fudden rear'd, Ce leftial tabernacles, where they slept Fann'dwith cool winds ; fave thole who in their courfe Melodious hymns, about the fby'reign throne, 656 Alternate all night long. But not to waled Satan, (fo call him now, his former name Is heard no more in heaven) He of the firft, If not the &ft Arch-Angel, great in pow'r, 66o In favor and preeminence, yet fraught With envy again(} the Son of God, that day Honor'd by his great,Father, and proclairn'd M..ffiah, King anointed, could not bear Thro' pride that fight, and thought himfelf impaled. Deep malice thence conceiving and difdain, 666 Soon as midnight brought on the dufky hour, Friendlieft to fleep and filence, he refoly'd With all his legions to diflodge, and leave Unworfhip'd, unobey'd the throne fupreme, 67o Contemptuous, and his next lubordinate Awak'ning, thus to him in fecret fpake. Sleep'ft thou, companion dear I what fleep can dole Thy eye-lids, and remember'it what decree Of yefterday, fo late bath pall the lips 675 Of heaven's Almighty ? Thou to me thy thoughts Waft wont, I mine to thee was wont t' impart : Both waking we were one ; how then can now Thy fleep diffent ? New laws thou feeft impoed: New laws from him who reigns, new minds may raife In us who ferve ; new couniels ; to debate 68 What doubtful may enfue : more in this place To utter is not fafe. Affembie thou Of all thofe myriads which we lead the chief Tell them that by command, e'er yet dim night 685 Her iliadowy cloud withdraws, I am to hafte (And