Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

'==1OMMAIMO 144 PARADISE LOST. Boole V. (And all who under me their banners wave) Homeward, with flying march, where we poffefs The quarters of the north ; there to prepare Fit entertainment to receive our King, Ego The great Metilah, and his new commands ; Who iptedily through all the Hierarchies Intends to pais triumphant, and give laws. So ()Jake the falfe Arch-Angel, and infus'd Bad influence into th' unwary breaft 695 Of his affociate : he together calls, Or feveral one by one, the regent Pow'rs, (Under him regent) tells, as he was taught, hat the Mori High ccmmanding, now e'er night, Now e'er dim night had difincurnber'd heav'n, 700 The great hierarchal flandard was to move : Tells the fuggefted caufe, and calls between Ambiguous words, and jealoufies, to found Or taint integrity : but all obey'd The wonted fignal, and fuperior voice 705 Of their great Potenate ; (for great indeed His name, and high was his degree in heav'n) His count'nance, as the morning liar that guides The ftarry flock, allur'd them ; and with lies Drew after him the third part of heav'n's holt. 710 Mean-while th' Eternal Eye, whole fight difcerns Ahttruleft thoughts, from forth His holy mount, And from within the golden lamps that burn Nightly before Him, law without their light Rebellion rifing, law in whom, how fpread 715 Among the Sons of Morn, what multitudes Were banded to oppofe His high decree; And. finding to His only Son thus faid. Son,