Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

BOOK V. PARADISE LOST: 149; That we were form'd then, fay'ft thou? and the work Of fecondary hands, by talk transfer'd 85+ From Father to his Son ? Strange point and new Doctrine which we would know whence learn'd : who When this creation was ? Remembeeft Thou [law Thy making, while the Maker gave thee Being ? We know no time when We were not as now ; Know none before us ; felf-begot, felf-rais'd 86o By our own quick'ning pow'r, when fatal courfe Had circled his full orb, the birth mature Or this our native heav'n, ethereal Eons. Our puiffance is our own, our own right hand Shall teach us highefi deeds, by proof to try 865 Who is our equal : then ! thou (halt behold Whether by fupplication we intend Addrefs, and to begird th' Almighty throne Befeeching or befieging. This report, Thefe tidings, carry to th' anointed King ; 870 And fly, e'er evil intercept thy flight I He laid, and, as the found of waters deep, Hoarfe murmur echo'd to his words applaufe, Through the infinite holt : nor lets for that The flaming Seraph feariefs, though alone 875 Incompafs'd round with foes, thus anfwer'd bold. 0 alienate from God, 0 fpirit accurft, Forfaken of all good ! I fee thy fail Determio'd, and thy haplefs crew involv'd In this perfidious fraud, contagion fpread 88o Both of thy crime and punishment. Henceforth No more be troubled how to quit the yoke Of God's IVIefliah : thofe indulgent laws Will not be now vouchfaf'd ; other decrees Againft thee are gone forth without recall. 885 That