Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

:154 PARADISE LOST. I3ooKVL Cover'd with thick imbattled fquadrons bright, Chariots, and flaming arms, and fiery fleeds, Reflecting blaze on blaze, firft met his view. War he perceiv'd, war in procind, and found Already known what he for news had thought To have reported : gladly then he mix'd Among thofe friendly ['owes, who him receiv'd With joy and acclamations loud, that One, That of fo many myriads fall'n, yet One Return'd, not loft. On to the facred hill They led him high applauded, and prefent Before the feat fupreme ; from whence a voice, From mida a golden cloud, thus mild was heard. Servant of God, well done ! well haft thou fought The better fight, who Tingle haft maintain'd 30 Againft revolted multitudes the caufe Of truth, in word mightier than they in arms : And for the teftimony of truth haft born Univerfal reproach ; far worfe to bear Than violence : for this was all thy care, 35 To fland approv'd in fight of God, tho' worlds Judg'd thee perverfe. The eafier conqueft now Remains thee, aided by this holt of friends, Back on thy foes more glorious to return, Than fcorri'd thou dicht depart ; and to fubdue By force, who reafon for their law refufe, Right reafon for their law ; and for their King Meffiah, who by right of merit reigns. Go, Michael, of celeftial armies Prince, And thou, in military prowefs next, Gabriel, lead forth to battel thole my Ions Invincible ; lead forth my armed Saints, By thoufands and by millions rang'd for fight ; Equal in number to that Godlefs crew, 20 45 Rebellious: