Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

BooK VI. PARADISE LOST. Rebellious : them with fire, and hoftile arms, Fearlels affault ; and to the brow of heav'n Purfuing, drive them out from God, and blifs, Into their place of punifhment, the gulph Of Tartarus, which ready opens wide His fiery Chaos to receive their fall. So fpake the Sovereign Voice, and clouds began To darken all the hill, and fmoke to rowl In dufky wreaths, reluctant flames, the fign Of wrath awak'd. Nor with lets dread the loud Ethereal trumpet from on high 'gan blow : 60 At which command, the Powers militant That flood for heav'n, (in mighty quadrate join'd Of union irrefiftible) muv'd on In filence their bright legions, to the found Of inftrumental harmony, that breath'd Heroic ardor to ad'ventrous deeds, Under their God-like Leaders, in the caufe Of God and his Metliah. On they move Indiffolubly firm ; nor obvious hill, Nor fireiening vale, nor wood, nor ftream divides 70 Their perfed ranks ; for high above the ground Their march was, and the paffive air up-bore Their nimble tread : as when the total kind Of birds, in orderly array on wing, Came fummon'd over Eden, to receive 75 Their names of thee: fo, over many a trail Of heav'n they march'd, and many a province wide, Tenfold the length of this terrene. At lad, Far in th' horizon to the north appear'd From !len to fleirt a fiery region, ftretch'd In battalious afpett, and nearer view Bridled with upright beams innumerable Of rigid fpears, and helmets throng'd and fhields Various, 155 50 55 ....,"1111IMIMEEPPR.