Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

156 PARADISE LOST. Boox VI. Various, with boaftful argument pourtraid The banded Pow'rs of Satan, hafting on With furious expedition for they ween'd That fell-fame day by fight, or by furprize To win the mount of God; and on His throne To fet the envier of His lbw, the proud Afpirer ; but their thoughts prov'd fond and vain go In the mid-way. Though ftrange to us it feem'd At firft, that Angel fht,uld with Angel war, And in fierce hotting meet, who wont to meet So oft in feftivals of joy, and love Unanimous, as forts of one Great Sire, 95 Hymning th' Eterna! Father : bnt the (bout Ot battel now began, and rufhing found Of en fet ended loon each milder thought. High in the midft, exalted as a God, 1h' apoftate in his funbright chariot fat, too Idol of majefly divine! inclos'd With flaming Cherubim, and golden fhields Then, lighted from his gorgeous throne, (for now '1'wixt hoft and holt but narrow fpace was left, A dreadful interval ! and front to front tos Prelented ftood in terrible array, Of hideous length) before the cloudy van, On the rough edge of baud e'er it join'd, Satan, with vaft and haughty ftrides advanc'd, Came tow'ring, arm'd in adamant and gold : Abdiel that fight indur'd not, where he flood Among the mightieft, bent on higheft deeds ; And thus his own undaunted heart explores. 0 heav'n ! that filch refemblance of the Higheft Should yet remain, where faith and realty 115 1R..-main not : wherefore fbould not firength and might There fail, where virtue fails ; or weakeft prove Where