Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

rxr58 PARADISE LOST. BOOK. VI For my revenge, firft fought for thou return From flight, feditious Angel ! to receive Thy merited reward, the firft affay Of this right hand provok'd, fence firft that tongue, lnfpir'd with contradidion, durft oppofe 155 A third part of the Gods, in fynod met Their Deities t' affert : who while they feel Vigor divine within them, can allow Omnipotence to none. But well thou com'il Before thy fellows, ambitious to win , x6o From me fome plume ; that thy fuccefs may (how Defirudion to the reit : this paufe between, (Unanfwer'd left thou boati) to let thee know, At firft I thought that liberty, and heav'n, To heav'nly fouls had been all one ; but new x65 I fee that molt through floth had rather ferve, Minifiring fpirits, train'd up in featt and long such haft thou arm'd, the minfirelfy of heav'n, Servility with freedom to contend, As both their deeds compar'd this day (hall prove. 170 To whom in brief thus Abdiel tiern reply'd. Apoftate, (till thou ert'ft, nor end wilt find Of erring, from the 'path of truth remote : Unjuffly thou deprav'ft it with the name Of Servitude, to ferve whom God ordains, 175 Or nature; God and Nature bid the lame, When he who rules is worthieft, and excels Them whom he governs. This is fervitude, To terve th' unwile, or him who hath rebell'd Againft his worthier, as Thine now terve Thee, 18e Thy felf not free, but to thy tell inthrall'd ; Yet leudly darit our miniflring upbraid. Reign thou in hell thy kingdom, let me ferve In heav'n God ever bleft, and his divine Behefts obey, worthieft to be obey'd 18$ Yet