Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

BOoK VI. PARADISE LOST: 159 Yet chains in hell, not realms expel : mean while From me return'd, as erfl thou faidft, from flight, This greeting on thy impious creft receive. So Paying, a noble aroke he lifted high, Which hung not, but f..) fwift with tempett fell 190 On the proud crefl of Satan, that no fight, Nor motion of fwift thought, lefs could his fhield Such ruin intercept ; ten paces huge He back recoil'd ; the tenth, on bended knee, His maffy fpcar upflaid : as if on earth 195 Winds under ground, or waters forcing way, Sidelong had pufh'd a mountain from his feat, Half funk with all his pines, Amazement feis'd The rebel thrones, but greater rage, to fee [200 Thus foil'd their Mightieft : ours joy fill'd, and fhout, Prefage of victory and fierce defire Of battel whereat Michael bid found Th' Arch-Angel trumpet ; through the vafl of heav'n It founded, and the faithful armies rung Hofanna to the Higheft : nor flood at gaze 205 The adverfe legions, nor lefs hideous join'd The horrid (hock. Now forming fury rote, And clamor, fuch as heard in heav'n till now Was never ; arms on armor clothing bray'd Horrible difcord, and the madding wheels 210 Of brazen chariots rag'd : dire was the noife Of conflict ! over head the dilmal hits Of fiery darts in flaming vollies flew ; And flying, vaulted either hoft with fire. So under fiery Cope together ruth'd 215 Both Battels main, with ruinous affault And inextinguithable rage : all heav'n Refounded ; and had earth been then, all earth Had to her centre Ihook. What wonder ? when Millions