Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

i6o PARADISE LOST. BOOK VI. Millions of fierce encountring Angels fought 220 On either fide, the leaft of whom could wield Thefe elements, and arm him with the force Of all their regions : how much more of pow'r Army againft army, numberle:s, to raife Dreadful combuttion warring, and difturb, 225 Though not deftroy, their happy native feat ! Had not th' Eternal King Omnipotent, From his thong hold of heav'n, high over-rul'd And limited their might : though numher'd fuch, As each divided legion might have teern'd 230 A 'numerous holt ; in flrength, each armed hand, A legion; led in fight, yet leader feem'd Each warrior ; fingle, as in chief, expert When to advance, or (land, or turn the (way Of battle, open when, and when to dole 235 The ridges of grim war : no thought of flight, None of retreat, no unbecoming deed That argu'd fear : each on himIelf rely'd, As only in his arm the moment lay Of viaory. Deeds of eternal fame 240 Were done, but infinite; for wide was fpread That war, and various : fometimes on film ground A itanding fight ; then, baring on main wing, Tormented all the air ; all air feem'd then Confliding fire. Long time in even fcale 245 The hattel hung ; till Satan, (who that day Prodigious pow'r had (hewn, and met in arms No equal) ranging through the dire attack Of fighting Seraphim confus'd, at length Saw where the sword of Michael fmote, and fell'd Squadrons at once ; with huge two-handed (way 251 Brandith'd aloft, the 'horrid edge came down Wide-wafting ! fuch deftru6tion to withaand He hailed, and oppos'd the rocky orb Of