Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

164 PARADISE LOST. BOOK VI; And with fierce ensigns pierc'd the deep array Of Moloc, furious King! who him defy'd, And at his chariot wheels to drag him bound Threaten'd, nor from the Holy One of heav'n Refrain'd his tongue blafphemous: but anon 360 Down cloven to the watle, with fhatter'd arms And uncouth pain fled bellowing. On each wing Uriel and Raphael, his vauntinv, foe (Though huge, and in a rock of diamond arm'd)'d, Adramelec, and Afmadai, 365 Two potent Thrones! that to be lefs than Gods Diidam'd ; but meaner thoughts learn'd in their flight, Mangl'd with gattly wounds thro' plate and mail. Nor flood unmindful Abdiel, to annoy The atheifi-crew, but with redoubl'd blow 370 Ariel, and Arioc, and the violence Of Ramiel fcorch'd and bladed overthrew. I might relate of thoufands, and their names Eternize here on earth ; but thofe elect Angels, contented with their fame in heav'n, 375 Seek not the praife of men : the other fort, In might though wondrous, and in as of war, Nor of renown lefs eager, yet by doom Cancel'd from heav'n and facred memory, Namelefs in dark oblivion let them dwell. 38o for flrength from truth divided, and from jutt, Illaudabie, nought merits but difpraife And ignominy ; yet to gory afpires, Vain. glorious, and through infamy Peeks fan-ie: Therefore eternal filence be their doom ! 385 And now, their mightiefl quell'd, the battel fwerv'd, With many an inrode gor'd ; deformed rout kateed, and foul diforder all the ground With