Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

Boox VI. PARADISE LOST. 165 With ihiveed-armour &own, and on a heap Chariot and charioteer lay overturn'd, 390 And fiery foaming Heeds : what flood, recoil'd O'er-wearied, thro' the faint Satanic boll Defenfive Icarce, or with pale fear furpriz'd ; Then firft with fear furpriz'd, and fenfe of pain, Fled ignominious : to fuch evil brought By fin of difobedience ; till that hour, Not liable to fear, or flight, or pain. Far otherwife th' inviolable Saints, In cubic phalanx firm, advanc'd entire, Invulnerable, impenetrably arm'd 400 Such high advantages their innocence Gave them above their foes, not to have finn'd, Not to have difobey'd ! in fight they flood Unwearied, unobnoxious to be pain'd [405 By wound, tho' trom their place by violence mov'd. Now night her courfe began, and over heav'n Inducing daiknefs, grateful truce impos'd, And filence, on the odious din of war : Under her cloudy covert both retied, Victor and vanquifb'd. On the foughten field, Michael and his Angels prevalent Encamping, plac'd in guard their watches round, Cherubic waving fires: on th' other part, Satan with his rebellious difappear'd, Far in the dark diflodg'd ; and void of refl, His Potentates to council call'd by night ; And in the nnicift thus undifmay'd began. 0 now in danger try'd, now known in arms Not to be overpower'd, companions dear ! Found worthy not of liberty alone, 420 (Too mean pretenfe) but what we more affel, Honor, 395 410 415